Take athleisure to the next level for anything from workouts to weekend errands.

Take athleisure to the next level for anything from workouts to weekend errands.

Take athleisure to the next level for everything from workouts to weekend errands: Consider wearing athleisure apparel to feel great while looking great. Recent statistics show that sportswear manufacturers are seeing a rise in sales as more women select stylish but comfortable gear to fit their busy lifestyles. Athleisure has unquestionably cemented a place in millions of women’s closets across the globe by providing clothing for women of all body types.

Although the primary purpose of activewear is to provide apparel for exercising, many people now wear athleisure to work or play. Nowadays, it’s typical to see women out shopping, hanging out with friends, going to the movies, or even wearing sweatsuits on a laid-back yet passionate date. If you enjoy wearing cosy, sports-inspired apparel outside the gym, here are several ways to take athleisure to the next level.

Oversized and cropped hoodies

When you don’t want to overthink your wardrobe, hoodies are ideal. Wear your hoodie with timeless pieces to give it a new appearance. For example, Bella + Canvas advises pairing a women’s cropped fleece hoodie with loose-fit jeans. Add a waist or colourful sling bag after balancing the appearance with clunky trainers. Instead of jeans, you could instead pair it with denim shorts. Then, for a whimsical style, add a beanie or baseball cap and hoop earrings.

In the meantime, you can match an oversized sweatshirt with practically everything. Try pairing it with a short pleated skirt for a style that will work for both the shopping and date to the movies. The hoodie gives your upper body additional insulation and warmth, which gives this classic schoolgirl-inspired item a cool touch. Add some delicate jewellery and booties or combat boots to complete the ensemble.

Try slipping a sweater under a leather jacket to dress it up. For an outfit appropriate for meandering through the streets of NYC or Milan, pair it with black skinny jeans, boots, a structured purse, and some black sunglasses. Meanwhile, layer an oversized grey hoodie under a collarless black jacket for a Fashion Week-worthy ensemble, then complete the look with a knee-length fitted black skirt with a high front slit. A little quilted bag with a silver chain strap, dangling silver earrings, and combat boots in silver complete the look.

Leggings in black

Yoga, Pilates, dance, or any other exercise involving flexibility or mobility is a terrific activity to undertake in leggings. Leggings may also be a go-to item in your wardrobe because there are many ways to wear them in different settings. Choose basic black leggings to make the most of your sportswear, and make sure the fabric is thick enough to prevent fashion problems like untimely holes in the wrong places.

Run errands in leggings, a loose-fitting sweater, canvas shoes and a bucket bag. Tie the tails in front, accessorise with a baseball cap and a pair of flat black sandals, or wear it with a graphic tee. To dress up your leggings, pair them with a black crop top, a long black coat, and over-the-knee black leather boots.

For casual Fridays at work, team your leggings with a long button-down shirt, cuff the sleeves and accessorise with drop earrings, stacked necklaces, and pointed flats with metal accents. Try combining leggings with a tank, an oversized blazer, and shoes with two-inch heels as an alternate workday attire. Add gold and a structured bag.

Unbiased sweatpants

Sweatpants are the ideal athleisure clothing for stretching workouts, jogging and running. Sweatpants are the clothing of choice for those who prefer something more substantial than pyjamas for resting and relaxing at home. The secret is picking the correct pair of sweatpants for your attire. Most people believe it is challenging to make sweatpants trendy.

Avoid excessively baggy sweatpants because they will make you look lumpy and shapeless, and instead, choose ones in a neutral colour like heather grey or black. So, think about wearing fitted sweatpants or flared ones. If your sweatpants have labels or logos, make sure they are manageable and noticeable and choose ones that are just a little thick so you can wear them in the heat.

Think of your sweatpants as a substitute for jeans or trousers when styling them. If you’re going on a date, dress in your grey sweatpants and corset-style top before adding a grey coat over top. This monochromatic ensemble you put together makes you appear sophisticated and

Even in sweats, one can be stylish.
Team your sweatpants with a crop tank top, faux fur coat, and sneakers for the perfect off-duty model look. Put on a bold red lip colour, add a pair of edgy trainers, a pair of aviator sunglasses and loose waves to your hair.

Sport Bra

While exercising, wearing an exercise or sports bra supports your breasts, alleviates pain, and enhances posture. But did you know you may also wear it outside the gym? Choose a sports bra extending about two inches above your navel for additional coverage so you may wear it alone. You can also wear coloured sports bras, but if you wish to wear your bra in public, black, navy, or dark grey sports bras look the finest.

For a cool-girl style, pair your bra with high-waisted, wide-leg pants in the same colour. Wear a leather sling bag with chunky loafers or shoes. Match your sports bra with a chambray long-sleeve shirt and frayed jeans if you want to remain modest.

Consider wearing a black sports bra, leather shorts, or a little skirt as a fancy outfit for a romantic date night. Add an oversized blazer and heels for a look suitable for a party or a night out with your friends.

More people are investing in athleisure since it is comfortable, versatile, and utilitarian in daily life. Consider these ideas to elevate your activewear, and have fun experimenting with different ways to wear it.

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