The Top-Notch Bald Fade Haircuts for Men

Bald Fade

The Bald Fade is ace of the most prevalent haircuts for men. The look, which is characterized by a precise mixture, is graceful, elegant, and classy. So if you need a relaxed cut that will impress you, a bald head is the thing. Of course, choosing the correct version can be a challenge, which is why we’ve put together a selection of different ways to wear this modern model. Whether you like things humble and subtle or flashy and complex, we have a style for you.

1. Bald Taper Fade

Unlike other pale hairstyles, a bald head doesn’t just rely on scissors for sleek styling. Instead, this cut also requires scissors to go from hairless around the ears to longer hair on top smoothly. Therefore, the haircut, which can be high, medium, or low, works well for men who want to maintain a decent length.

Bald Fade

2. Bald Drop Fade

This combines two fade cuts in one and is a fantastic option for style men. The amount combines a bald fade compact to the skin with a falling fade that slopes down as it moves behind the ears towards the head’s back. The result is a modern look that goes well with a variety of styles.

Bald Fade


3. Slicked Back Bald Fade

You will look very stylish with a bald hairstyle and hair combed upside down. The cut is perfect for men who like a classy yet daring look. Remember to gently brush on the hair product to maintain natural movement and keep the look modern.

Bald Fade

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4. Bald Fade Faux Hawk

If you like the mohawk’s expression but want something more polished, ask your stylist to tell you about a bald hawk. This stunning style features skin discoloration on the sides and back, along with a long, streamlined top at a center point from forehead to crown.

Bald Fade

5. High Top Bald Fade

A favorite in the 80s, the sleek, high haircut is back and looking better than ever. To rock the cut today, choose a top with lots of natural texture and pair it with a bald patch on the sides and back.

Bald Fade

6. Bald Cut Fade

Like a traditional military haircut, a bald cut with terse hair on top fades and is associated with skin discoloration on the sides and back. The low maintenance look is perfect for achieving a minimalist and masculine look.

Bald Fade

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7. Full Bald Fade

Ask your hairdresser for a razor blade for complete baldness that begins without any hair. Unlike a standard skin fade that only uses hair clippers, this version requires a razor to rejuvenate the hair down to the scalp.

Bald Fade

8. Bald Fade with Part

Add a touch of military-style to your look by pairing a haircut with a stunning side-part style. This superior cut offers both precision and polish and gives men a bold look suitable for any occasion.

Bald Fade

9. Bald Skin Fade

Like a zero, a skin fade is another name for a bald fade. So don’t worry if this is the term your hairdresser uses. However, please note that since these names have the same meaning, they are all available in a variety of styles, including high, medium, and low variations.

Bald Fade

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10. Low Bald Fade

A subtle take on the skin-fade style, a low bald head fades just above the ear. Then it gradually grows until it blends with the hair on the head. The result is an understated yet elegant look that is perfect for men who want to shade their bald head for the first time.

Bald Fade

11. Medium Bald Fade

To rock this cut in a very flattering and balanced way, go for a medium bald head. This cut is more noticeable than a low fade but less noticeable than a high version. It sits perfectly in the middle. The amount, which typically starts about an inch above the ear, is incredibly stylish when paired with a voluminous style like a pompadour.

Bald Fade

12. High Bald Fade

For a contrasting look that takes your style to the next level, order a high bald head the next time you visit the salon. This relaxed cut has shaved skin that extends up to 2 inches above the ears. From there, they cut quickly but smoothly transforms into the hair on the top of the head.

Bald Fade

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