What are the best purple hair colour in India?

What are the best purple hair colors in India?

Purple Hair Colour Information

The colour purple looks fashionable no matter what. To elegantly update your look, experiment with several shades of this hair colour. Deep lilac, light purple with blue highlights, pastel lilac, deep light purple, and blonde with purple highlights are a few examples of modern purple hair colour trends.

Finding new hairstyles and hair color options is enjoyable. Probably some highlights have already been added, and you’ve since moved on to comprehensive hair colouring. Attempt unusual hues like strawberry blonde or pink if you desire. Let us present you with one more audacious option: purple hair.

Where to Get Purple Hair

A fantastic approach to expressing yourself is by colouring your hair in striking hues. It pairs well with various complexion tones and signifies wealth, power, and emotion. Although you might be able to establish a base over dark hair with a plum or burgundy hue, bleaching your hair may be necessary if you need to dye it purple. Yet, choices are available if you’d instead sample purple hair without committing to coloring!

Hair Bleaching, if Necessary

  • For the purplish colour that pops the most, bleach your hair.
  • Apply coconut oil to your hair the night before bleaching for further protection.
  • Avoid getting bleach on your skin or your work area.
  • As directed on the container, combine the ingredients.
  • Apply the color to your hair with a brush.
  • After giving the bleach the required amount of time to act, rinse.
  • If you don’t paint your hair purple immediately, condition it first.

The Purple Hair Colour is Applied

  • If you have dark hair and don’t want to bleach it, start with plum or burgundy.
  • Before painting the area purple, protect it.
  • After shampooing, gently towel dry your hair.
  • To protect your skin, use Vaseline along your hairline.
  • To section off your hair, use a comb and clips.
  • If you want to color your head purple completely, apply purple everywhere.
  • For the effect of a highlight, apply the color in portions.
  • To get an ombre appearance, merely color the ends of your hair.
  • Put a flexible bandage over your hair and let the color sit for 45 minutes.
  • Use vinegar and cold water to rinse the bleach.

How to Preserve Colour in Your Hair

  • Make every shampooing motion as brief as you can.
  • While washing your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo and cool water.
  • Every time you wash your hair, deep condition it.
  • Add a vibrant shampoo color to bring out the purple.
  • Reapply semi-permanent makeup as necessary or every six weeks.
  • Reduce your use of hot tools.
  • Avoid chlorine swimming pools or use a swimming cap.
  • While you are outside in the sun, wear a hat.

Purple hair colour variations.

From our social networks to the catwalks, purple hair is famous. This hair drift is as one-of-a-kind as the rainbow it was modeled after. You can do everything with purple hair, from embracing your inner rock star to camouflaging grey hair colorfully.

The various shades of purple hair are listed here.

Purple Hair

This delicate tint of purple hair is like a lovely spring flower. This pale purple hair color is appropriate for anyone switching from grey to pastel hair and can be worn to the office. Your hair color looks even better, with a fair complexion and watery eyes.

Hair Colour in Pastel Violet

Pastel purple is a subdued version of the color, one of the current trends. Under this highly light hair color, blonde or white hair may be visible. Emphasize gentleness with baby pink lips and creamy peach blush.

The colour of a relaxing sprig of lavender

lavender has undertones of blue and purple. Choose purple as a light yet stimulating hair color if you prefer to stand out and wear a lot of silver jewelry.

Deep Purple Hair Color

Mauve is the regal older sister with purple hair color and a deep hair color with traces of grey and brown. If you want a “mature” rainbow hair color, choose this hue and finish the appearance with brown mascara, nude eyeliner, and lipsticks.

Amethyst hair colour

This jewel-toned has all the glimmer and depth of one of our most well-liked birthstones. It looks well on brunettes who are naturally good at blending into this deep purple. To complete the excellent effect of amethyst, apply a metallic lip color and a blush that shimmers.

Smoky Purple Hair Colour

To create a dark, almost natural rendition of the rainbow, this Smoky is purposefully blended with black and grey tones. Consider dying your dark hair dark or leaving your dark roots showing, and then go smoky with a big, smoldering black cat eye and dark brows.

Eggplant Hair Colour

The color of eggplant is reminiscent of the delicious, rich foods vegetarians prefer. This strong hair color announcement looks fantastic if you have a naturally dark complexion or hair. The best thing is, as a result? This hair color is ideal for revitalizing the darker months because you may dress up in a garden theme with complimentary brown and green tones.

Violet Hair Colour

Anybody with naturally brown hair will appear strikingly wearing this ultra-vibrant purple. Your hair will look like spring if dyed a deep purple flower. Because of its brightness, it is usable all year long. Try wearing the hue with basic makeup like brown mascara and a sparkly highlighter to make the hue stand out.

Purple Silver Hair Colour

 Purple, which makes silver hair strands pop, adds metallic accents to your appearance. Try this trendy hair color in an accented style to add understated elegance to hair color or to liven up naturally grey hair.

Magenta-coloured hair

Her go-to pencil has changed to be a hair color. This vibrant hue is a blend of joyful purple and vivid pink. If you enjoy being noticed, we advise choosing this appearance. Use magenta lipstick to complete the whimsical hairstyle.

Hair colour in neon violet

You are summoning all teenagers at heart and aspiring rock stars. Electric purple is the most lovely hue in the neon trend. You can also wear this striking hair color as an ombre or as highlights; either way, you’ll stand out.


Purple hair color is frequently use to convey culture and uniqueness. Yet, those who adore purple or violet hair reflect deeply and examine themselves to choose the most important aspects of life and how to share them with others best.

Purple is more than just the hue that results from mixing red and blue, as is well known. You can experiment with other shades, like lilac, ash violet, and indigo, to mention a few. Thus, you can even sport gorgeous purple hair! To assist you in selecting the purple hairstyle that best suits you, we have gathered several hairstyle ideas.

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