Name To Be Noted: Greg Lauren

Greg Lauren

Anyone with the last name Lauren is likely to get a bit more exposure, especially in the fashion world. Greg Lauren is Ralph Lauren’s nephew, and while that’s not a bad thing, the two styles couldn’t be more different. While Ralph Lauren is arguably the father of the late 20th-century American style. Greg Lauren defines a new American style that references the melting pot of modern America.

The artistic point of view

Greg Lauren’s collection is American but is ashore on several subcultures. Like America itself, it is a mixture of identities, influences, and landscapes. Flannel and lambskin accents are reminiscent of the harsh and dusty American West. Simultaneously, patterns like the straight satin jacket with a mock neck are a staple at the Eastern American college football racetrack. The collection’s denim is typically desperate. Torn or patched up and tied with drawstrings, which seems incredibly unconventional.

From the artist’s perspective, regardless of elegance, Lauren’s overall aesthetic is functional and durable. Much of his work has abstract, seemingly random seams and embroidery, another indication of its spirit.

Our favorite pieces are jackets with kimono fasteners and sleeves that feel fresh and new. Despite being used on traditional Japanese clothing for centuries but barely a staple in American fashion.

Fifty – fifty

A mark of a great aspiring designer is an instantly recognizable signature. And Greg Lauren achieves this without splashing his logo on his clothing. Instead, the iconic 50/50 design combines two bold, contrasting fabrics into one garment. Much like an artisan can mend jeans with patterned fabrics or disassemble an old dress and reassemble a new shopping bag.

The result is a collection of hybrids: Fluffy jeans and pants, straight patchwork jackets, and kimono-front coats, half of which is quilted nylon. And the other half is an olive green fatigue parka. Or the Buffalo jacket, part denim shirt, part checked flannel, with braided sleeves that would go perfectly at home with a Thom Browne sweater.

At the very least, a Greg Lauren track is still a mashup, but we’ve never seen it before, even on file-sharing sites or on Etsy. Accurate reinterpretation and precise execution are a rarity in today’s fashion world.

Greg Lauren: How to put on it

With all of Greg Lauren’s pieces, we love that they take on that authentic. Lived-in look and feel before embarking on a heavy wardrobe rotation. That means that in several cases, it’s easy to blend in with Greg Lauren’s signature style without having to worry about your existing wardrobe going wrong. Whether with jeans, straight cotton pants, or even jogging pants, a Greg Lauren jacket or hoodie pairs perfectly.

We recommend going for one of the tired denim or olive clothes as these are your most graphic design elements and will flatter most shapes, sizes, and skin tones. Greg Lauren’s clothes are likely to improve over time, so we see them as a worthwhile investment.

Greg Lauren is one of our names in italics because he redefines what it means to wear American style in our globalized world.

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