5 Cybersecurity Courses You Should Check Out

Ethical Hacking

Recently, the world has noticed a craze among students to lean towards information security for a career. The idea that a cybersecurity job can solve many current problems in people’s lives, like job insecurity, job dissatisfaction etc., attracts many students and even mid-career professionals towards this stream. We live in a highly accessible world where anyone can learn ethical hacking online and become a white hat hacker without worrying about whether they should study computer science first.

Earlier, it used to be a hassle to find a university or a training center to enroll oneself in a cybersecurity course and travel to attend classes every day or week that were scheduled according to the entire batch. Now, things have changed for the better. Students can learn cybersecurity from their bedrooms’ comfort and finish a course at their own pace and at their own time. Not to mention that with the modern methods of learning, the choice of subjects has insanely increased in number.

Educators create customized courses according to the market demand. It has opened up students’ opportunities to specialize in popular and specific areas of their liking without having to subscribe to the whole package. Here are a few information security courses popular in demand and high benefits in our digital world. You should check them out and go for them if you are planning to work in cybersecurity.

CEH course – EC Council

Certified Ethical Hacker training is probably the reason why many students are getting to know about cybersecurity. The CEH course is the best program to learn ethical hacking or white-hat hacking. It will train you in identifying digital security issues in a system. Top organizations are hiring ethical hackers to help tighten their cybersecurity and are paying good packages to these talented and valuable professionals.

CHFI course – EC Council

The CHFI course or the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course is also one of the most sought after courses among students because of the high requirement for forensic analysts in our digital world. Cyber attacks are increasing at a disastrous rate. The time you finish reading this sentence, a cyber attack will have already taken place somewhere in the world. Government organizations and private organizations need the help of forensic analysts to dig evidence against cybercriminals, cyber terrorists, and hackers. It is also required by companies and individuals who have lost data due to a cyber incident and retrieve it.

Cloud security course

It is predicted that those who have cloud security skills will get a salary boost of $15,008  in 2021. Cloud security is one of the topmost skills in demand right now everywhere in the world. Many organizations are adopting cloud technology as an integral part of doing business. The Cloud security course will teach you how to secure AWS, Azure and other systems and help clients mitigate. The cyber risks that come with cloud breaches and such incidents.

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Network defense course

Network defense is an essential part of every business’s cybersecurity strategy. Any business, especially a large scale business, cannot survive without network defenders. Students opt for network defense training to understand how network architecture works and how they can protect it from unauthorized traffic, intruders and DoS and DDoS attacks.

You can also look at some of the best selling courses in this field. For understanding the job market and stay on top of trends happening in the InfoSec industry.