Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2021

Affiliate Marketing Trends

Affiliate Marketing Trends: If you currently hold the title of Affiliate Marketer, congratulations! 2020 must have been a blast. With an increase in online sales of 76% between June 2019 and June 2020, only good profits, more prominent niches, and higher conversions can be expected from 2021.

While voice search optimization and data-driven marketing have remained the most popular trends for a few years, there will be changes in 2021. We explore more and more affiliate marketing opportunities, and that new areas take their place in the marketing space.

Below are the best affiliate marketing trends of 2021

  • Seasonal advertising
  • Native advertising
  • B2B advertising
  • Localized advertising
  • Video content

Seasonal Advertising

Gone are the days when marketers were associated with the same products and brands until the end of time. Today, when the seasons change, the most advertised products change too. Brands and marketers quickly spot changing trends and get on top of them faster with data tracking tools.

As more companies use consumer data for marketing their products, seasonal advertising will play an essential role in 2021.

The trend is already accelerating. For example, on the popular coupon site GrabOn, there has been a deluge of online course offerings in 2020 with the advent of a global block. The coupon startup says it saw 210% more searches for online courses in 2020.

Likewise, according to a report from Google Trends, searches for the same term were at their peak in popularity in April 2020.

Tools like Google Keywords Planner provide predictions of how your product will be searching for in the online market. Statistics can be a valuable asset for your data-driven marketing.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is when the advertising is not in the traditional banner ad format but is neatly inserts into the content. It will become overly popular in 2021 as studies show it is a more effective marketing tool. In fact, with such exposure to banner ads, users have developed a kind of “banner blindness.” It means that our brain filters out unnecessary stimuli, which leads to complete neglect of banners.

While we’re putting the ads aside to focus on the content, it is good to place ads in the range itself. Trends like influencer marketing and infomercials will become significantly more important. Research has shown that almost half of all social media users trust the recommendations of influencers and convert them into a purchase decision.

B2B Advertising

We are now seeing an increase in B2B marketing. More and more B2B industries are opening to affiliate marketing. As a consequence, affiliate marketers are no longer incomplete to B2B campaigns.

Affiliate programs for web hosting are particularly lucrative due to their high volume and high payout structure. Depending on the package you want to market, 25 sales can get you anywhere between 73,500 and 1,47,500 rupees!

Localized Advertising

Localization is no longer about reaching a limited audience. It means gaining their attention. To that end, affiliate marketers now examine their audience’s cultures, research what works and what doesn’t, stay on top of their trends, and understand their lifestyles and priorities.

It translates into a much more organized marketing experience. Your niche is a collection of people from different backgrounds. In different ways, each person interacts with your product. While for some, organic soap is top-notch, for others, it may not be standard. How will you promote your soap to the two groups? While some may want to buy your car because it increases its status, others may wish to do so because of its space and functionality. What tone would you like to use in the advertisement? These are just a limitation of the many considerations to consider when marketing to a niche market.

Video Content

Video is a much more effective advertising tool. Wyzowl’s research shows that over 72% of people love to hear about their favorite product through videos. Additionally, video viewers are much more likely to remember the call to action than blog readers. Here’s another statistic from the same study: Around 84% of customers buy something after watching  videos of the same thing.

That says much about the power of video. But even then, this medium has not been fully utilized in recent years. You see brilliant content with high traffic and good product placement opportunities on YouTube, yet the video ends without any marketing.

This procedure is expected to be streamlined in 2021. Content creators will contact brands before creating a video, rather than always letting brands do the work.


Its dynamism characterizes the world of marketing. No year is like the other. But while there will constantly be trends that will surprise you, that shouldn’t stop you from measuring, tracking, and preparing. With an idea of ​​what affiliate marketing will be like in 2021, we hope you will implement it successfully, try new methods, learn, and grow as a marketer.

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