Real Estate Agent Networking 101

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As a licensed real estate agent, you understand the importance of networking in the real estate business. It is a crucial component to the success of your real estate career and necessary to maintain a continuous pipeline of quality real estate leads.

However, there is more to real estate networking than just gathering new leads. There are multiple benefits of expanding your real estate network and building relationships with other professionals in the real estate business. From this article, we are going to give you a clear idea of how, as a real estate agent, you are suppose to navigate networking.

The Right Networking Space

The first choice that real estate agents should make is to decide where exactly they would want to start networking. We believe that with the pace at which the world and the real estate business are changing, you should follow more than one option when it comes to expanding your professional network.

Choose Where You Want To Network

The first choice is always to network in person. You stand to make a better impression and can strike up lasting professional relationships if you meet the persons with whom you want to establish connections.

For this, you must make it a point to attend all the networking events organized in your city for those engaged in the real estate business. Many real estate organizations host mixers, seminars, real estate conferences, and members-only events for the real estate community.

Make it a point to join these events, as all the participants and attendees are real estate professionals. You can gather a lot of tips, meet clients, investors and connect with real estate groups. The networking opportunities provided by such events are extensive.

Online Networking Options

Although we have stated that it is better to meet people in person to build relationships and connections, we do understand that in the current situation, it may not be possible to host large-scale gatherings. So in such circumstances, it is better to network with people online.

Many real estate agents maintain ties to other professionals through social media platforms. Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, or even Twitter, you can even get networking opportunities through your satisfied clients, which can lead to more potential clients.

Networking With People

Now that we have outlined the different ways in which you should ideally work to expand your real estate network to boost your career, let us shift our focus on the kind of real estate professionals you should be in contact with—starting with how to talk to them to how to get started when it comes to real estate networking.

Network With The Right Mix Of People

It is essential to strike up conversations with varied professionals. As a real estate agent, you are not expected to socialize only with other real estate agents. You need to search for any company in your local area that is in the real estate industry.

Meet people from those organizations and connect with them through online or offline modes. The marketing of your skills as a real estate agent should be directed towards people who are in the banking industry, loan-giving financial organizations, real estate investors, and many more. It is also highly beneficial to attend the chamber of commerce sessions in your city and be an active participant in the local activities and engage directly with the community.

This would give you access to resources and referrals. You can get valuable knowledge by speaking to these professionals, which would enhance your services to your clients.

Build Connections With Local Businesses

It is vital to invest in building connections with those engaged in services related to the real estate industry. Many times your clients would expect you to assist them with practical matters related to the properties.

For example, you should have knowledge about local gardening and landscaping team, handyman or building groups, and even home staging experts. Having the contact of these people would certainly help you enhance the services you offer your clients and help you expand your business.

Always Maintain Connections And Follow Up Regularly

Now so far, we have asked you to strike up a conversation, talk to people and join real estate networking groups to access resources and get referrals to potential clients. However, it is vital to remember that these relationships are an investment. These are suppose to last you for life. They are not merely meant to get good deals.

You need to spend time not just attending meetings and getting the details of various professionals. It would help if you also listened keenly to the people you are talking to. These conversations are never suppose to be on one-side. In any event that you attend, you should focus on building lasting ties.

Social media

You could choose to stay in contact through social media with these people and keep the conversation going on through regular sharing of resources, market news, and ideas that are profitable to them.

Once you have a wide social circle, it is time to give back by hosting an event where you could gather these professionals and help broaden their social and business networks.


From this article, we have outlined both the importance of networking in the real estate business and also how, as real estate agents, you are supposed to get started when it comes to building, nurturing, and growing your professional network. Keep in mind that you will always have local social networking opportunities, but you should always approach them as an investment. Never be the person who exchanges business cards. Following up with these business contacts is essential. It could be through simple means of sending holiday greetings, congratulating them on their successful endeavors, and sharing important market news. These are what will build lasting relationships.

You need to connect and market yourself to develop these successful connections. By following the helpful tips given in this article, we are sure that you would be able to effectively create your group and be more successful in this industry.