We live in a world where screens and technological gadgets are all around us and are necessary for daily activities. Many people might not be aware that the blue light these gadgets generate might negatively affect our skin. Most sun, electronics, and interior illumination radiation comes from blue light sources. Fortunately, Blue Block® PM serum appears to be the rescuer. With the help of this serum, you may shield your skin from the damaging effects of blue light and maintain a vibrant, healthy complexion.

Recognising How Widespread Blue Light Is

You might be surprised to learn that blue light comes from several sources.
About 25% of the radiation from the sun: Blue light from the sun is inevitable, especially in the daytime. The sun releases a large amount of this type of light.

Electronic devices, ranging from computers to smartphones, generate significant amounts of blue light, accounting for 30% of total radiation. We’re always putting our skin under attack as our reliance on technology grows.

6% to 40% of Interior illumination: Depending on the bulbs used, even interior illumination might increase the risk of blue light exposure.

Blue Block® PM Serum: The Defender of Your Skin

Beyond being a skincare product, Blue Block® PM face serum also acts as a shield for the vitality of your skin. This serum’s composition protects your skin from blue light-induced oxidative damage while also repairing it. For anybody looking to maintain the health and shine of their skin, it’s a game-changer. It features an inventive plant-mineral compound with extracts of malachite and ashwagandha. It has been demonstrated that these active substances shield the skin from the damaging effects of blue light generated by screens.

How to Include Blue Block® PM Serum in Your Everyday Routine

Blue Block® PM face serum makes shielding your skin from blue light simpler than ever. Here’s how to easily include it in your regular skincare routine:


Massage your face and neck with 1-2 Blue Block® PM Serum pumps.
Make careful to stay away from the delicate regions surrounding your lips and eyes.
Apply this serum anytime you spend time inside, particularly in front of screens.

Full-Day Protection: Use Blue Block PM Serum in the morning with mineral sunscreen for complete protection. This combination guarantees that during the day, blue light won’t affect your skin.

In conclusion, it is essential to take proactive measures to preserve our skin because blue light is omnipresent in our everyday life. You may embrace a healthy, radiant complexion and wave goodbye to skin weariness by using Blue Block® PM serum in your skincare regimen.

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