The Best Way To Dress Is With Suit Sneakers

The Best Way To Dress Is With Suit Sneakers

It’s wedding season, so dress in trainers! Finally, we may gather with loved ones to commemorate these beautiful occasions. The moment we had come for the newlyweds to celebrate their marriage. We dress up in our most exquisite costumes for this occasion, or we’ll have fun locating the ones we’ll need for this lovely event. The genuine problem then presents itself! Sneakers or dress shoes? A white basketball suit is the ultimate cocktail, without a doubt. Another fashionable look is the basketball costume combination. Furthermore, this also holds for the attire we wear to go to work. Here is a modest assortment of sneakers—whether or not they are white—that we might pair with a costume:

Which Sneakers Go With Suit Trousers?

Fortunately, the days of wearing trainers just for athletics are behind us! We can manage it when we wear trainers around town, but wearing a suit makes it slightly riskier. Three factors must be considered while selecting the model: comfort, a colour that complements the outfit, and a fairly traditional form. Rudy’s “Novak” combines the classic tennis shoe design from the 1980s with a form reminiscent of the footwear, flexible and comfortable Strobel stitching, and white, the most noticeable colour for this connection. A perfect middle ground provided at an unbeatable


I’ve previously put this brand to the test in a double shot. The Billy model is a stunning example of casual elegance! Our feet have the ideal contour thanks to the smooth white leather top. The grey suede yoke at the heel provides some freshness and breaks up the white colour. When we wear our suit trousers with the 7/8th cut to show off our ankles and this gorgeous caramel colour, the shoe’s interior—also made of cowhide—can discreetly provide a pop of colour.

Charlie – Suit Sneakers by Ascot X

I was compelled to choose the Soho Frost from Ascot x Charlie for this topic since I had tested and liked the model. The Soho is a high-quality trainer constructed entirely of leather and set on a sole with the help of a Strobel assembly! We may wear this classic and sturdy staple with any outfit. The shoe exudes elegance thanks to its white top and grey suede inserts.

In Corio

I had to give the latter a nod only one week after publishing the news about In Corio and their Maxime model. This punctured basketball does belong in this selection. The Maxime is sophisticated in its design and colour scheme when paired with a suit for a laid-back yet stylish look. The shoemaker’s finishes on this trainer complement the casing and sneakers flawlessly. Furthermore, a Strobel assembly and a high-density latex sole provide comfort and resistance. Because of the holes, they are breathable, making them ideal for our summer costume events!


Absolute simplicity! Jak’s Royal draws inspiration from ultra-slim premium trainers. The first success for the brand is monochrome beige. Its full-grain leather, rubber sole, cotton laces, and cotton carrying bag are among its high-quality components. You realised that its distinct hue would go well with every one of our outfits. This trainer exudes elegance and modernity thanks to its rounded shape and one-piece-appearing construction.

The Difference

It is among our top picks among Comme un Camion’s stores. Parisians, of course, know this address, which we commend regularly. It needs to be more well known that the shop sells its line of shoes, of which this particular pair is a part! This pair of shoes epitomises simplicity and goes well with costumes. It comes in four different colour variations, and you may customise the back section to add colour to a particular aspect of your outfit. Or a piece of equipment.

Craftsman Lab – Sneakers with suits

Effective and minimalistic! That is our definition of the Artisan Lab Essential Sneaker. Regardless of our costume, these trainers will be our greatest ally in both cut and colour. This model boasts a sleek appearance straight out of the 1970s. Its monochromatic sail colour is quite fashionable! She carries with her this understated grace that makes her unique.

In summary

Suit Sneakers: You still need to choose the incorrect style of shoes if the situation permits it, and the wedding will be informal. Now that you know me, you know my passion for basketball. I suggest a decent pair of trainers for this kind of event.