8 Celebrities Who Have Had Cosmetic Work in 2022


When it comes to plastic surgery, it seems like a celebrity’s work is never done. Whether it’s Botox, lip injections, or any of the dozens of procedures that can enhance one’s looks, many celebrities are known for their changing appearances over the years. While quite a few of them could be considered “botched” due to excessive surgeries or even incompetent surgeons, most celebrities seem to be happy with their results.

Of course, celebrities are only a fraction of the people who get plastic surgery to improve their looks and their lives. Getting a mommy makeover from Hill Country Plastic Surgery, for instance, can go a long way in restoring a woman’s confidence in herself after delivering and nursing a baby. Then there are the people who reward themselves with a rhinoplasty after reaching a career milestone, or those who decide to get a facelift to reduce the signs of aging. Some people proudly own up to it, while others – especially anyone who’s regularly in the limelight – are more likely to deny plastic surgery rumors, at least for a while. Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who’ve gotten plastic surgery, whether or not they cared to admit it.

  1. Melissa Gorga

The Housewives of New Jersey star was dogged by rumors of a rhinoplasty for years. But it took her quite a while to open up about it. One of her co-stars, Kim D, actually said in an interview that Melissa had received four nose jobs. There was also an incident on the reality TV show in which Melissa and another co-star, Jacqueline Laurita, essentially got into a screaming match over Melissa’s apparent dishonesty. After years of claiming that her altered nose shape was due to skillful contouring. She finally admitted what everyone already knew: that she’d gotten a rhinoplasty.

  1. NeNe Leakes

It’s pretty common for celebrities to deny having plastic surgery, but what about denying it after talking about it? That’s what happened with NeNe Leakes, who stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta – and actually documented several plastic surgery procedures on the show. We know for sure that she’s at least had a nose job, a breast augmentation, and liposuction; not only did she talk about it, but it was literally documented on a TV show. That’s why people confuse when she denied getting any surgery while appearing on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show. She even denies getting Botox, but she seems to have a hard time fully expressing herself since her forehead was almost completely frozen. Since then, she’s remembers her past history with plastic surgery, and has even talked about getting a second nose job.

  1. Rose McGowan

Many celebrities get work done to comply with the pressures of the film industry, but Rose McGowan apparently changed her look because of a sinus surgery gone wrong. When the surgeon punctured the skin underneath her right eye, she ended up needing corrective surgery as well. This naturally put her at the center of all kinds of gossip, and for some reason her PR team told her to claim that she’d been in a car accident, and needed corrective surgery. While that may have been partly true, nobody’s sure why a car accident would make a better story than a poorly executed sinus surgery.

  1. Ashlee Simpson

At the height of her career, Ashlee Simpson went on record saying that people shouldn’t change the way they look just to adhere to someone else’s beauty standards. By the time the interview had hit the magazine stands, she had (allegedly) gotten a rhinoplasty. While the singer denied the rumors, her father later claimed that she’d gotten the surgery done to correct breathing problems.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah may be one of the successful actresses in Hollywood. But she’s received a disproportionate amount of hate for her looks. In general, though, she seems to have avoided plastic surgery – or at least the more drastic procedures, anyway. The exception to this was when her plastic surgeon brother-in-law removed a mole on her chin. She didn’t think it would be such a big deal, but fans were immediately disappointed.

  1. Lady Gaga

While Lady Gaga denies having any serious procedures done, she has admitted to a secret love affair for facial injections. She didn’t think that it was a problem. But a photographer friend ended up being brutally honest with her right before shooting a music video. Since then, she says she’s left facial fillers in the past.

  1. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks built her brand by focusing on authentic beauty, but she doesn’t claim to be 100% natural herself. She received a rhinoplasty to correct a medical issue – and she admits to wearing fake hair too. Tyra’s also been the subject of breast augmentation rumors, but she continues to deny them. She even had a doctor conduct a breast exam in front of a studio audience to prove that her boobs were all-natural.

  1. Kylie Jenner

Every member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is famous for something; in Kylie’s case, it’s her ever-changing lips. She had fairly thin lips as a girl, and she was apparently pretty insecure about them. Once she was old enough, she started getting lip fillers. However she staunchly denied that the effect was caused by anything more than extremely clever makeup techniques. Which supposedly created a very flattering optical illusion. Even though it took her quite a while to own up to her habit. It was pretty much an open secret that she was doing something. Of course, she eventually came clean about the lip fillers. After that, even had them dissolved in order to return to her former natural look.

Celebrities and plastic surgery have always gone together like peanut butter and chocolate, and that certainly hasn’t changed in 2022. Whether they’re getting more subtle procedures done, or they’re changing their entire face structure. At least the taboo surrounding plastic surgery seems to be disappearing.

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