A Step-By-Step Guide to Make an Amazing Intro Video for YouTube

A Step-By-Step Guide to Make an Amazing Intro Video for YouTube

Why do Video Introductions matter?

An intriguing YouTube video catches your attention right at the beginning. The beginning of your YouTube video decides whether the viewer is likely to watch it further. Impressions make a considerable impact on your brand image. With an average human attention span of 8 seconds, you might want to emphasise how your video initiates.

What to consider before designing an introduction?

A video introduction can be different for all videos or consistent for every video. It all depends on your strategy for building your brand and the kind of content your channel showcases. However, in both cases, a decent introduction is more important than you think to keep your audience from pressing the exit button and switching to other options. You might want to consider various tools and software to make sure you come up with an excellent beginning that is hard to let go of and makes the people want more.

Can we automate making intros?

Making an introduction might seems complicated, especially if you are a beginner in animations and graphics. Either you have to take up some courses or you can use tools available online. Some editing tools can come in handy and make the task easier for you. Since you might have other important priorities to take care of, it saves your time when letting the software do the work for you either especially if you are a part-time creator or have several other tasks on your plate, you can automate the work that does not require more human efforts.

How to make it easy?

Creating and editing YouTube intros might be a layman’s task today. Having negligible experience with software and editors, you can design an intro just as good as a professional editor. All you need to do is to choose the right youtube intro maker that complies with your requirements and map out your blueprint for your Intro.

Read along with this guide to learn how to curate an engaging Intro Video systematically.

Plan a creative beginning systematically.

Your introduction should be well planned. Do not just shoot in the air with random dialogues and phrases. It is advisable to write down a script first and stick to it. This script should include being both interesting and informative. Also, let them know how can they benefit from your channel and why should they subscribe to you. This introductory matter should be creatively tailored into a fine script that appeals to and educates the audience. Use your speech in a manner that leaves your audience wanting more. For instance, You can interrogate a relatable question or address a problem; that would be the further gist of your video. Another proven way to get instant attention is to catch them off guard.

Use Catchphrases. More, the merrier.

Remember how listening to a particular slogan reminds you of a person or brand attached to it? You can help people remember your channel too. One of the effective ways that can make your audience remember you better is a catchphrase. Use one or more catchphrases in your introduction that are exclusively related to you and your brand. You can even use the element of humour in it. Keep the catchphrase short yet memorable. This can either be a customised reaction of your own, a dialogue that you repeatedly say, or even an indirect call to action. Once you decide on your catchphrase, use it consistently throughout your You Tubing journey.

Make a clear introduction.

To make your audience trust you better, give a short introduction of yourself at the beginning of the video or just some moments afterwards. Let the audience know you better by telling them who you are, what your background is, and how can you add value to them if they watch their video. Once the audience emotionally connects with you, it is easier to drive more viewership. They will even share your content with their fellows, and you will benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. Make your introduction crisp yet insightful. For instance, if you make coding videos, mentioning that you have a degree in computer science will establish trust in the viewers. This will also make your content look more authentic.

Enforce the call to action.

Once you introduce yourself and your motive behind the channel, you should add Call-to-action. This includes prompting your viewers for:

  • Liking your video
  • Subscribing to your channel
  • Hitting the bell icon to get notified
  • Commenting and engaging
  • Sharing your video if found insightful

Adding Call-to-action more than once, in different time-stamps of the video, is appropriate to remind your audience, but adding it right at the beginning will make a different impact. This can make your audience like and subscribe since the actual content isn’t yet started so that their seamless viewing experience isn’t hindered.

Redirect the viewer to another video

You can make the audience watch more of your content if you interconnect the content with your other video. This will increase your overall channel engagement and make your audience familiar with your content faster. For instance, your video contains some jargon and terminologies that need to be understood to watch the present video with a better understanding. You can ask the viewer in the beginning to watch another video of yours in which you explained the jargon in detail. To redirect, you can either add clickable links in your video description or annotate the video and add the link in the beginning.

Graphics make a difference

Along with using proper voice modulation and creative catchphrases, you should even be innovative with the graphics of your introduction. From proper text to animation and background music, make sure that your graphics correlate with your channel niche and brand identity. It seems tedious to put so much effort into such minute details, but the return on investment is high enough to make you work hard on this. It makes sense that you might not be an expert in graphics and animation. In this case, you can use a YouTube Intro Maker. The software can make the work easier with its animation guides, templates and graphic suggestions. Here are some key areas to watch out for while adding graphics to beautify your intro.

Use appealing fonts and text.

Using proper text makes your video seem more authentic and organised. It remains totally up to you if you want to animate the text or keep it simple. Keep your target audience in mind before making any graphics. Suppose your video introduction starts with the name of your channel getting displayed with proper illustrations. In that case, it will subconsciously hook the viewer to your video and will leave an image of authenticity in their mind. Also, using proper text will make your video readable if something goes unheard or unclear. Here, you might also want to add subtitles to your video to ensure its clarity and ease of watching. The easier it is to watch and understand your video, the more people will watch it.

Use Animation to catch the attention

People are drawn to animation and storytelling. Always make sure to use proper animation that gives your video a creative start and makes people watch it. It is difficult to animate videos on your own, but YouTube Intro makers do the work for you.

Background music helps in engagement.

One of the common mistakes a YouTube creator makes is considering the background music a trivial element that might not be necessary to add. However, it stands false since adding background music has proven effects on inclination in the viewership of a video. People get to enjoy the video better because of the sound effects used in the video. Balance the background music and your vocals for a smooth experience. You can also consider a customised theme track for your beginning and play it consistently in every video. Some YouTube intro makers provide a range of theme tracks to choose from.

Before creating an impactful video introduction, these were some minor and major things to look out for. This will give your video a professional look and make it intriguing to watch, and will leave people wanting it more.