What Free Courses Can I Take Online?

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Do you know that the worldwide eLearning market is estimated to reach USD 374.4 billion by 2026? In 2019, this figure stood at USD 144 billion, and through 2026, it expects to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.6%. Online Free Courses learning has progressed well for the past few years. Accessing them anytime, anywhere, and gaining more control over what to learn are the top reasons why online learning is a preferred mode for professionals these days.

Moreover with growing digital transformation and the demand for digital skills, professionals seek online upskilling programs to future-proof their careers. Online courses are available for a range of career domains. Whether you are seeking new skills in cybersecurity, cloud computing or machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), or blockchain technology, you will find online courses easily. However, are there many options for people willing to take free courses? Yes, some reliable training providers offer online free courses.

Though there are marketplaces like edX and Coursera where you will find many university courses for free, some other training providers have also become quite popular among learners. This article has given some of the top free online courses that professionals prefer taking to make themselves job-ready. Apart from the ones mentioned below, you can also check the website of the training providers to explore more free courses offered by them.

Let’s get started!

Python for Beginners

Training provider – Simplilearn

 To start a career in software development, machine learning, or data science but lack Python skills, this course is for you. This Python basics course by Simplilearn helps you learn about variables, data types, tuples, lists, dictionaries, loops, and decision-making statements. Then you will move on to intermediate concepts like object-oriented programming, user-defined functions, threading, and Python scripting. Upon registration, you will get access to high-quality video modules of 10 hours for 90 days.

The program is best suited for AI engineers, data scientists, aspiring software developers, data analysts, and programming enthusiasts. On completing this course, you can also upgrade your plan to explore more courses in the Simplilearn platform.

YouTube Course: @HUBSPOT Learn How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Training Provider – Hubspot

Have you recently started your own YouTube channel and are willing to make it a success? Well, you should get the basics right first, and this course by Hubspot does just that. Learn how to build your audience and brand on YouTube, create engaging videos people like to share, take advantage of YouTube SEO, and optimize your videos for higher visibility with this training program. You will have to go through 4 lessons involving 13 videos and 4 quizzes when you sign up.

The course is ideal for social media marketers, marketing professionals, and aspiring marketers. On completing the course, you will have a clear idea of building your YouTube subscriber base and increase watch time.

Blockchain Essentials

Training Provider – Cognitive Class by IBM

This in-depth online course teaches you about Blockchain for business and explores the key use. It cases that demonstrate how this technology adds value. You will become aware of the common challenges facing business networks and how a new approach to recording and processing transactions. However, it use blockchain technology can resolve some of those challenges. The three hours of training material ensure that you understand Blockchain and distributed ledger systems in a business environment and IBM’s blockchain strategy.

The training program is for professionals of all experiences who want to learn about blockchain technology in a business context. It involves no prerequisites.

Embedded Systems

Training Provider – Georgia Tech on Udacity

Udacity is a popular eLearning platform that has recently started offering free courses. This embedded systems free course aims to help learners take a holistic view. Moreover, it is the embedded system stack and how to use them to their advantage. The course covers many important concepts like embedded processor architecture, instruction-level parallelism, software optimizations, register allocation foundation, data layouts for embedded processors, and data and code compaction.

A strong background in C/C++ and an undergraduate-level course in computer architecture are required to take this course. This 16-weeks course includes rich learning content and interactive quizzes as well.

Introduction to Cyber Security

Training Provider – The Open University on Future Learn

This course lets you explore the essential cybersecurity knowledge and skills and how you can better protect your digital assets. Moreover, You will learn how to recognize online security threats that could harm you and the steps it takes to minimize the risk. Concepts like malware, trojan virus, network security, identity theft, risk management, and cryptography covers in the course. Involving a mix of bite-sized videos, audio, long- and short-form articles, and practical activities, this course will keep you engaged till the end.

However, professionals who want to improve the security of their digital transformation at their home or work can take this course. By spending 3 hours every week, you can complete the course in 8 weeks.