CHELSEA BOOTS: Everything You Need To Know

chelsea boots

What are Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea boots live on material and construction. If you see for a pair of boots that will last for a long time, invest in a quality pair that will not deteriorate after a few months.

These versatile ankle boots date back to the Victorian era, and both men and women wore boots. The design was patented in 1851 by Queen Victoria’s cobbler, Joseph Sparkes-Hall, and was worn for horseback riding, as well as for daily walking and general use.

The Chelsea shoe never really fell out of favor. Over the decades, the style probably reached its most fashionable heyday in the 1950s and 1960s

Leather vs. suede


Suede boots look more luxurious and are incredibly stylish in 2016. Suede goes very well with casual outfits and gives you that touch of class you are looking for.

Leather boots are men’s wear; formal wear is men’s wear, the leather looks great when worn in a suit.

Pro tip: Suede breaks down faster in harsher climates such as snow and mud. So, before you make a last decision on what type of Chelsea shoes to buy, pay attention to the climate environment you will be wearing them in.

How to wear Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots have a slim design. So pair them with skinny jeans for a clean look for the lower body that looks amazing.

You can wear these boots in a streetwear outfit, a formal outfit, or only with a t-shirt and jeans. You can match them into any outfit and give that outfit a whole new perspective.

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One of the simplest ways to wear this boots is with classic skinny jeans. This classic pair of jeans and boots is relaxed and casual and can be worn from day to night and elegantly.

Match the right boots with jeans; it is essential to know which denim detergents work with boots of different colors. The simplest and perhaps the most elegant combination is black Chelsea boots with skinny black jeans. Sober and sophisticated, the all-black jumpsuit is suitable for everyone.


Dressing formally can be a nightmare sometimes – figuring out which costume goes with which shoes can be a headache, even for the most vicious dressers, but one of the smartest ways to wear Chelsea boots is with a suit.

Whether it’s a day at the company or an occasion like a winter wedding, when you pair your boots with a more formal outfit, it becomes a little more alluring. As with jeans, color matching is essential, so the rule of thumb is navy-blue suit and tan-brown boots, black suits, and dark Chelsea boots.



Plus, it looks great with jeans and suits. Chelsea boots should be part of your regular winter wardrobe. All of these boots are weatherproof and keep your feet warm and dry all winter long. Combine it with your favorite parka or jacket from Field and wrap yourself in your hat. And a scarf for any weather. Look, this will impress you.

With their inherent style and versatility, it’s easy to see why Chelsea boots have been a fashion favorite for nearly two centuries. These boots are an ideal option for any occasion, whether you’re going to a posh event, the office, or relaxing in a country pub.

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