Easy Cuts & Hairstyles for Short Hair

Easy Cuts & Hairstyles for Short Hair

Indian beauty has always been synonymous with long hair. As times changed, women experimented with their looks and found that short hair was flattering and fashionable. In addition, short hair has many advantages. It is convenient and easy to use. It’s getting more relaxed in the scorching summer heat, and you’ll need less preparation time. Despite the many benefits, most women worry about losing their grace and style if they cut their hair. However, the right haircut, styling technique, and hair colour for women can make hair look fuller and thicker than ever before. In this article, we will let you know Easy Cuts & Hairstyles for Short Hair

Women with fine hair are even more sceptical of drastic changes. Grey hair makes hair even finer. However, instant hair colour for women and the right hairstyle can work together to give thin, short greys everything they lack. The best hair colour for women covers 100% grey and adds density and texture. With Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Color, you can easily make hair colour for grey hair at home. Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Color is an ammonia-free hair colour, and its unique formula is more significant with 10x Aloe Vera, which covers grey tones and leaves hair soft and shiny. There are 5 beautiful hair colour shades of the finest hair colour for women in India – Godrej Skillful Rich Creme Hair Color. The 5 shades available are Natural Black, Dark Brown Hair Color, Natural Brown Hair Color, Black Brown Hair Color, and Burgundy Hair Color.

Women with short hair often believe that trying out different hair colour ideas at home is the only experience they can have. However, there are several stylish hairstyles that one can try. Short hair can also be very multipurpose and easily styled with any outfit and for any occasion. Please look at the following dos and wear them anytime, anywhere.

1. Fractional knot

The partial knot looks finest with shoulder-length hair. Just tie the front of your hair into a small knot at the back. Secure it with bobby pins. For formal occasions, when wearing a suit or sari, tie a neat bun and keep your hair frizz-free. However, for informal events, you can connect a messy knot. A few burgundies or light brown highlights would take your style statement to the next level.

2. Side Braid

If you are new to braids, a braided hairstyle with short hair can get messy. If this is your first time, go for a simple braided style. Take a side part of your hair and twist it along your hairline like a French braid. Also known as a braided crown, this hairstyle looks cute and elegant simultaneously. The braided crown can be on just one side of your hair or the crown of your head. To add zest, cover your grey hair at home with Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color natural brown hair for luscious curls. This goes well with the funky and casual look.

3. Pixie Cut

If you have fine hair and are always short of styling options, a pixie cut is perfect. It is the best hair colour for a woman, and this pixie cut makes her look beautiful and youthful. Choppy layers in pixie cuts add volume to the hair, and Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Color covers grey hair and adds texture. The pixie cut is a simple, low-maintenance haircut. All you have to do is dye your hair at home, wash it and let your fingers do magic. Any party, in any outfit, you can surely rock this cut and feel confident in the amazing woman you are.

4. Blunt Bob with Headband

Wearing a simple headband can spice up the classic blunt bob. Straight hair is a curse for some women and a blessing for others. The hairstyle is best with straight, healthy, soft and shiny hair. Are you wondering how to choose a hair colour for Blunt Bob? Make sure to cover all the greys, and that’s it. You can select any instant hair colour that outfits your skin tone and it would look astonishing with the bob. Some women with curly and wavy hair also rock this hairstyle very well.

5. A short high pony

Headed out to catch up with friends or late for a meeting and your hair refuses to behave? Pick up your hair and tie it into a short ponytail. Bangs or frontal bangs work just as well with a ponytail and define your facial features well. A pony is always in style, no matter what. It’s easy to create, maintain and show off your curls. Moreover, everyone can do this hairstyle with the same elegance, whatever your hair type: curly, straight or wavy. To give your ponytail a different look, secure a ribbon tightly.

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