How You Can Get a Perfect Summer Shave


Summer is right here, and that means shaving is soon going to become a top priority. After all in, you need to rock those shorts and bikinis. However, shaving can often turn into an unpleasurable experience if you’re not careful. Improper shaving, whether that’s because of the wrong technique or bad tools, can lead to ingrown hairs, razor burn, pimples, scratches, micro-tears, and more.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to make your summer shaving experience smoother, both in terms of the kinds of products you should choose as well as the best techniques to follow.

What To Use For A Great Shave?

Having a good shave every time depends largely on the kind of tools and products you use.

Here is what you should opt for if you want a good shave every time.

  1. Go For Sturdy Blade Razors

    Have you heard people suggest that you should go for men’s razors instead when you’re shaving? Well, that’s actually because men’s razors tend to have more blades and are sturdier, which helps deliver a closer and smoother shave. However, nowadays, there are numerous razors created for women which are just as efficient and also have moisture strips that lead to softer, smoother shaves.

  1. Use A Physical Exfoliator

    Dead skin build-up on the skin is one of the major reasons your shave isn’t as smooth, as the layer of dead skin restricts your razors from reaching the roots of your hair. Using a physical scrub or exfoliator before you shave can help remove dead skin and dirt and expose your hair follicles and skin, allowing for a close shave.

  1. Get A Smooth Lubricant

    A good lubricant that can sufficiently soften your hair while allowing for smooth movement of the razors is a must. The best option is to opt for special shaving soap or shaving foam which are uniquely created to make your shaving experience smooth and efficient. However, a great option is also applying a hair conditioner, as it helps the razors glide over the skin easily. But this method may not work equally for everyone, so keep that in mind.


How To Shave Properly?

Now that you know what you should get for a good shave, here is how you can shave in a way that minimizes injury and irritation.

  1. Soak Your Legs Prior

    Before shaving, it is important to prepare as best as possible and make the upcoming process easy. One great way to do so is by soaking Your legs in the bath for 20-30 minutes before you shave. It will soften the hair and dead skin and make it easier for you to shave. It is best to soak your body or limbs in lukewarm water, as it will open up your hair follicles and deliver a closer shave.

  1. Shave In The Direction of Hair Growth

    The first thing to keep in mind is to always shave in the direction of hair growth. And not only delivers a closer shave but also reduces the possibility of ingrown hair and razor burn. If you go against the grain, you not only increase the possibility of developing bumps but may get more nicks and scratches as well. Shaving in the right direction can also help prevent coarser hair growth, although hair growing back thicker is a myth.

  1. Be Gentle

    Most of us tend to press too hard or being too rough, but the key to a proper shave is to be gentle. Carefully move your razors against your skin with a balanced amount of pressure, and try to make soft, sweeping strokes in areas that are curved or have more sensitive skin, such as around the ankles or on the inside of your thighs.

  1. Periodically Rinse Your Razor and Body While Shaving

    When you’re shaving, remember to periodically rinse your limbs or whichever body part you are shaving as well as your razor. When you are shaving, your body and your razor will collect hair and soap, and if you don’t periodically rinse it off, you risk a bad shave and a possibility of increased nicks and infections.

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Tips For Shaving and After-Care

Other than what we mentioned above. Here are a few other tips you can follow for a great shave every time, as well as some great after-care advice.

  • Keep your razor in a clean, dry place and make sure to change it from time-to-time, to prevent the accumulation of dead skin and bacteria.
  • Use cold water after a shave to calm your skin down and close pores. While warm water helps open your pores up, cold water helps close them up and even relieve irritation, redness, and swelling.
  • Apply plenty of moisturizer and sunscreen after a shave, as your skin is more sensitive than usual and requires proper hydration and protection from the sun.