Must Have Designer Bangles That Goes Forever


Every girl once in a while comes across this obsessive phase where she goes on buying dozens of bracelets only to realize that you do not have enough bangles to wear with your ethnic clothes. Just as any other pair of accessories, bangles are of utmost importance. While you might be under this false impression that you do not have many options for the bangles, contrary to this misconception, there are many trendy bangle designs for you to add into your collection.

While a bracelet can accentuate a western outfit in a flick, the grace of clinking bangles is something that you just cannot miss out on. There are a dozen designs for you to try that will make you look effortlessly beautiful. The following is a list of thorough pointers that have been curated carefully, to present the readers with trendy bangles for your wardrobe collection. Read on to dive right into the details.

The classic golden bangles

The love for the classic golden bangles blooms in the heart of a girl since the very first time she sees them jingling in the wrists of her mother. While you might find thousands of different contemporary designs for golden bangles, but the traditional designs are something that takes you to a different nostalgic world. It is what makes the golden bangles a classic. When you plan to wear the golden bangles with a saree for a cultural or religious ceremony, it is strongly advocated that you strive to find matching jhumka earrings online to complete your look in the most ethereal and beautiful manner. If you are looking for  different from the classic designs, you can also opt for rose gold with a beautiful hint of baby pink colour to mix things up a little bit.

Diamond Bangle

Whether it is the earrings, bangle or necklace, diamonds can add glamour and elegance to your attire in the best possible manner. There are several designs you can pick from. These diamond bangle are the kind of accessories that you wish to keep around if you need to attend a special event or occasion. Pair these up with an ethnic gown and steal the limelight.

Feminine Threaded Bangle

Suppose you are a tad bit clumsy and find it hard to keep a pair of glass bangle intact. In that case, the perfect accessory for is the feminine threaded bangles, these bangle can free you from the shackles of broken glass bangles which are often considered as a bad omen in the Indian culture. The additional benefit that these bangles can offer you is finding a wide range of colours to choose from. You can buy kundan jewellery of any colour you like, you can find threaded bangles to go along with them.

Even though bangle have been a part of the Indian culture for a considerably long period. The sheer love for this amazing accessory has not faded away even a bit. Particularly, when women are getting ready for a cultural event, they prefer to wear bangles over bracelets. While bangle are an essential component of historical anecdotes in the Indian culture.  The “Shringaar’’ procedure translates to dressing up for women is incomplete without the addition of bangle, the western culture has also been quite welcoming for the bangles. Whenever you wish to add a jingling sound to your outfit, every time you move around, it is strongly advocated that you should buy dozens of earrings to go along with it.

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