Does Wearing Your Hair Up Actually Push Your Hairline Back?

Does Wearing Your Hair Up Actually Push Your Hairline Back?

Pulling your hair back tightly can cause hair loss. It can also pull your hairline back. You have probably heard about new hair loss supplements, such as vitamins similar to Nutrafol, but if you experience hair loss, you should know what causes it and if you can reverse it. These are some things you should know.

Reasons for Hair Loss

Before you start taking hair growth pills, you should know why your hair is thinning. Hormonal changes in men and women can encourage hair thinning and follicle weakness. Men experience an increase in dihydrotestosterone as they age. Women have reduced androgens. Birth control and childbirth can also cause hormonal changes that increase hair loss.

Stress and trauma can also impact your hair’s growth. Surgery, burns, illnesses and accidents can impact your follicles and hair growth. In fact, you may experience massive loss where your hair falls out in clumps. The same can happen if your body or mind experiences significant stress, such as that resulting from emotional trauma, illness or stressful events. However, some stresses and mental health conditions result in temporary hair loss.

Anyone with a thyroid condition can also contribute to hair loss because these systems regulate bodily functions, including hair growth. Alopecia areata, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and lupus are autoimmune diseases caused by an overactive immune system. This disease damages hair follicles.

Hair Loss Medical Treatments

Physicians can treat severe hair loss with a number of treatments. Some physicians suggest hair transplant surgery, where a surgeon removes hair follicles from one part of the body and inserts them into the scalp. However, these surgeries have risks, such as folliculitis and infection. In some cases, the hair actually falls out where the transplant took place.

Some physicians suggest micro-needling or protein-rich plasma injections. While micro-needling involves placing small needles into key areas, plasma injections involve drawing your blood and concentrating it after removing the platelets. Then, the doctor injects the plasma back into your body.

Medications also help restore hair growth, including anti-androgens, alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitors, estrogen, steroids and prostaglandin analogs. Some physicians use low-light lasers to improve hair growth.

Topical Hair Serums

The best hair serums for thinning hair have active ingredients that promote hair growth. These products work with different types of hair, so choose one for your hair type. The ingredients moisturize and increase blood flow to the scalp. They make the hair stronger, improving strength. They also make hair follicles healthier, allowing thicker, shinier hair to grow.

Apply these products to damp, freshly cleaned hair. Instead of rubbing them into your scalp, you should comb your product through your hair. Don’t jerk or pull your hair, but move your fingers through your hair carefully or lightly.

Supplements for Hair Growth

You may also add supplements that promote hair growth, such as biotin, zinc, iron and vitamins E, D, C and A. Choose reputable brands with strong positive reviews.

Changing your hairstyle can reduce your chance of hair loss and may even encourage regrowth. However, you can also try other options, such as serums and supplements if your hair loss is not severe.

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