4 Things You Need To Design A Retro-Themed Living Area

living area

If you’ve taken enough look around you, it’s apparent that we’re unwittingly bringing the old fashion back to life. The fuzzy sweaters, crop-tops for men, shag rugs, and the Bohemian home design — they have all made a comeback!

Apart from the things we wear, it seems like people have slowly embraced the retro into their daily lives. From the games we play, the clothes we wear, and the movies we make. We have this new obsession with the classics that some of us are eager to design our living rooms based on what our grandparents used to enjoy decades ago.

We decided to list some crucial design elements that will instantly inject the retro vibe into your living area with this old-new fad.



Imagine listening to Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, while warming out the upholstered sofas you inherited from your great grandpas and grandmas. There’s no better way to savor this music the retro way than to listen through the vintage turntable.

Record players didn’t go away. In fact, new songs in vinyl albums are still available in the market. Compared to many generations ago, those who dreamt of having their own turntables can now purchase them at extremely affordable prices. Learn how to maintain them and ready some turntable accessories, in case some parts need replacing.


Mid-Century Light Fixtures and Arc Lamps

Mid-century style light fixtures and the rustic arc lamp are retro lighting options you will totally dig. They exude a minimalistic vibe but, at the same time, full of flair. A setting with these elements at the right places screams nothing else but retro.

Metallic lamps were a thing back in the ’70s. You can now find them in bachelor pads, contemporary-dressed apartment units, and even in modern offices. Check your favorite furniture shop to find these fixtures in every retro style possible.


Moroccan Rug

Whether high pile or low pile, tasseled or not, these variants don’t matter. A Moroccan carpet with minimalist and geometric patterns would work well in creating a vintage scene. Having boldly colored Kilim rugs can also do the trick, though it needs some labor to make it jive with other living area elements.

Apart from exuding a timeless vibe, authentic wool rugs anchor furniture pieces together. They also define a space that helps you draw a fashion statement. If you want a classic impression to emanate from the different corners of your living area, pick a rug with the right color and patterns.


Triangle Coffee Tables And Tapered Chairs 

Guitar pick-shaped coffee tables have nothing to do with the pad owner being a music lover. This design has something to reveal about the identity of mid-century style, which is all about geometrical lines and shapes.

These triangular-shaped table tops work in contrast with tapered legs. The combination intends to focalize the general area and make a sharp definition. Retro-chairs in shapes of ovals, squares, or even octagons look retro-chic at their best.


A Retro Feature Wall With Small Antique Pieces As Accessories

Make it deliberate. Let the wall shout retro to every onlooker as you fill it to the brim with stuff that would remind you of the good old days. Hang a quirky collection of vinyl albums, display an old typewriter on a flared table, or arrange the out-of-date telephone models together with vintage globes on custom-made shelves.

There’s so much you can do to make your living room an instant portal to the past. Consider digging up some old stuff in your old folk’s basement and see some goodies that will help you set up a retro-themed hub inside your home.

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