The Simple Yet Elegant Allure Of Rado Watches


There are different types of luxury watches in the market. Some of which are equipped with the most complicated watch mechanisms. These features make these timepieces stand out. You will be mesmerized by the stunning craftsmanship that these watch manufacturers are showcasing if you are into intricate watchmaking.

However, excellent craftsmanship is not only defined by the complicated watch work. It is also synonymous with the durability and precision of a timepiece. One reason why an elegant and minimalist watch such as Rado remains one of the most innovative and trusted timepieces in the world. It may not have a flashy and bold aesthetic, but its quality is at par with today’s best luxury watches.


How Rado watches started

Before Rado became globally recognized as a famous watch brand that produces innovative designs, this Swiss-made timepiece traces its roots back to the 1900s. In 1917, brothers Fritz, Ernst, and Werner founded the company The Schlup & Co. This watchmaking factory is the birthplace of Rado watches that has become one of the largest makers of timepieces by World War II.

However, it was only in the 1950s when Rado watches became more popular. When they released the iconic Golden Horse collection, the brand became more popular internationally and has been well-known in over 61 countries worldwide. This success continued until the 1960s where they started marketing themselves as the world’s first scratch-proof watch. This luxury timepiece has become more well-known because of the ongoing demands from enthusiasts who love the comfort, durability, and exclusivity of Rado watches.

Through time, the company took the step to become more innovative in producing their timepieces. The company released more collections with the most coveted materials such as sapphire crystal and scratch-resistant ceramic bracelets. They focused on manufacturing titanium-based ceramic watches combined with metal which made their brand more popular back in the 80s and 90s.

Up to today, the brand is continuing the tradition of creating some of the most innovative watches starting from their Millenium design that was launched in the 2000s. They have collaborated with various artists and renowned watchmakers to create some of the best timepieces in today’s generation. Because of these ideal and advanced engineering, this Swiss watch considers one of the best minimalist yet high-tech timepieces today.


Why should you buy a Rado watch?

If you have already seen a lot of luxury timepieces in the market, you might be wondering if it’s worth spending thousands of dollars on a Rado watch. With its classic and simple design, one might think that it’s not worthy of an investment. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a Rado watch:

  1. It has an elegant and minimalist aesthetic

If you are looking for a luxury watch that is best to wear on all types of occasions, Rado is the best choice for you. While the company is making sure that they will keep the simplicity of their timepieces, they never forget to embrace modern design inspirations to make their watches stand out among the rest. Rado watches are made with ceramic, metal, and leather materials that make them appropriate to wear regardless of whether you are going to a formal event or just going to the office. Its minimalist design can turn your everyday outfit into formal attire.

  1. It is highly durable

The brand makes sure that they will only use high-quality materials in producing all their timepieces. It undergoes a series of testing and quality checking to ensure that only the best materials incorporates in their watches. Because of that, you can be sure that your Rado watch can withstand exposure to various elements and switching weather. You can certainly wear it indoors and outdoors, making it a convenient choice for an everyday watch.

  1. It has innovative designs

A watch has to look good. It has to built with the most creative designs otherwise it will not look like a luxury. It is true to all Rado watches ever produced. Aside from using the best materials, the company also makes sure that they are beautifully engineered and designed for their watches. They collaborate with some of the best watch designers to achieve the perfect combination of minimalism and style. As a result, every Rado watch is certainly a thing of beauty.


  1. It is the fusion of vintage and modern watchmaking

Starting the company more than a century ago is an advantage to Rado. They are one of the luckiest watchmakers in the industry who had the chance to do the traditional watchmaking. On the other hand, they also become more experienced as time goes by. With their traditional expertise combined with modern technology, Rado will certainly stand out against other brands in watch manufacturing.

  1. It has a reliable timekeeping

Aside from making sure that they are using the best materials, creating the most innovative designs, and adapting to modern technology, the brand also makes sure of their watch’s precision. A watch uses to determine the time. Thus, it’s important to be reliable at all times. The company uses the Quartz mechanism for the main dial and its clocks. It means that you can guarantee that their timepieces never skip or miss any moment of your life.

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Where to buy Rado watches?

If you are lucky to be near any Rado boutique, you can just walk into their stores and start looking for the best model that will fit your choice. However, if you are looking for a more convenient way to browse for the best Rado watches, you can always consider checking some of the authorized online distributors such as

TWC has a wide range of selections for Rado watches. It comes from various collections, which means that you can choose from different designs that the brand released. You can visit their website to get some inspiration and to know more about Rado watches.

Key takeaway

Buying a luxury watch can be sometimes overwhelming. With many choices available everywhere, you can’t help but be confused about which brand or model is the best for you. If you are looking for a simple yet elegant timepiece to invest your money in, Rado is certainly the perfect choice for you. With its rich history and experience in the watchmaking industry, you can be sure that you will take home one of the best luxury timepieces in the world.