10 creative ways to instantly up your fashion game


We all have days when we feel uninspired by the clothes hanging in our wardrobe. Also, that doesn’t mean you have to buy a new outfit – you have to get creative with things. Are you having a sense of little lost and confused? Don’t worry – we have the solution for you. Here are ten creative ways to instantly up your fashion game.

1. Dress up a simple outfit with statement jewelry

There is no clothing in the world that you cannot elevate with statement jewelry.  If you are sporting a simple ensemble, like jeans and a basic tee, the easiest way to dress it up is with some statement jewelry. Throw on a pair of chunky earrings or a statement necklace and watch your outfit move from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat.

2. Throw on another layer

Layering is the hot new trend that just instantly makes your outfit all the more special. You don’t have to go overboard and go the full mile. Just throw on an additional layer like a vest, a leather jacket, or a light sweater to the mix; it will make your ensemble look more cohesive and composed. If you are looking for a good leather jacket, Lyrevo jackets is one of the best leather jacket brands out there.

3. Pair vintage and contemporary pieces together

Vintage finds are stunning. They improve so much charm and character to your look; who could not love them? However, the trick with vintage pieces ensures that you style them with contrasting modern details because an outfit must be balanced. Refrain from going top to bottom in vintage because it will look like you took a time machine from the 70s. Make your outfit interesting by mixing and matching vintage and contemporary cuts.

4. Pair unexpected opposites

Most of us imagine feminine midi dresses to pair best with sandals, stilettos, or pumps. Well, how about you style them with something random like chunky sneakers? Or perhaps some boots? Styling unexpected contrasting pieces, as much as it may go against the rules of fashion, may sometimes lead you to a great discovery. Similarly, you can style something tomboyish like a baggy pair of cargo pants with a flirty silk blouse instead of the regular plain tee and complete the look with heels. As wrong as it may feel, give this tip a try because you may just be pleasantly surprised.

5. Pull your jacket off your shoulder

Pulling your jacket off your shoulder may seem rather basic but trust us, it works like a dream. You have seen it on the landing strip, and you have seen it all over Instagram; it is time you gave this a shot too. This styling hack works best when you wear a sleeveless top underneath because that little bit of skin show never fails to impress.

6. Cinch it with a belt

Belts are supremely underrated. The coolest way to transform your outfit is with an accessory as simple and minimal as a belt. Belt cinch your waist and add structure to your look. Imagine a flowing dress or a bulky sweater, for instance. Now put a belt on it. Does it not look better when it is more structured and defined? To give your outfit the ultimate high fashion feels, throw a jacket on top.

7. Matching separates are the hot new trend

Matching separates are all the rage right now. Not only are they effortless and super easy to style, but they are so versatile because you can style them in so many dissimilar ways. On days when you do not know what to wear, matching separates come to your rescue. Style them with a coat, a jacket, or a sweater, and complete the look with a complementing pair of shoes. The best part about matching separates is that you can wear them together or wear them separately.

8. Go bold or go home

There is nothing gloomy that a bit of color cannot fix. On days when your outfit does not click, go bold. Think bright colors, big prints, shine, and sparkle; the full mile. Put together a fun ensemble, and you will feel instantly better. Be sure to match and coordinate your bold pieces with something plain so that the statement garment gets the spotlight. A statement piece works best when it takes center stage. Adding too many elements to the look only makes it look sloppy and busy. Do not mess it up.

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9. Keep it elegant in monochrome

If you ever feel doubtful about your outfit, just play it safe in monochrome. Monochrome outfits scream sophistication and elegance. There is just something about them that we cannot have enough of. The best monochrome looks, in our opinion, are done with neutral tones like black, white, camel, beige, and more. However, if you prefer the looks of a bold color like red or yellow, by all means, create a stunning colorful monochrome look. In theory, monochromatic outfits seem boring. But in reality, monochrome outfits hit the spot unlike any other.

10. Keep it chic in a blazer

If there is only one garment that has stood the tests of time, it is a trusty old blazer. There is just something about the cut and look of a blazer that never fails to impress. A garment that glides effortlessly on your body adds structure to your frame unlike any other and looks sophisticated and chic every time, without fail; such is the magic of a blazer. If you wish to upgrade your look, just put on a blazer. If you think blazers are strictly for office or formal wear, then you are mistaken because a blazer is that one garment that is appropriate for all types of social settings. Their versatility guarantees excellent pairings with anything from a dress to a pair of jeans and an everyday t-shirt.

  • Parting thoughts

Fashion should be fun and exciting. The fashion game is the only game in the world where no rules apply. If you feel like you must follow the rules, then you are not playing the game right. Whatever you take to wear, be sure to make it your own. If it vibes with you and your style, it does not matter what anyone else thinks. You should feel beautiful and confident in anything that you wear. Flaunt what you have got, baby!