6 Home Office Essentials That You Need In 2021


With the pandemic still going on, most of us are still settling with working from home. And although we agree to some extent that it is super convenient and chill working in the comforting vicinity of our home spaces, it still comes with several challenges.

One of the typical issues we face with this setup is drawing a line between our personal life and work. Without a clean environment for each, it is going to be difficult. It might be some sort of satisfaction now, but it will be stressful to handle in the long run.

Working from home is important to curate a specified space for work to boost one’s productivity and state of mind. A comfy area such as your bed or sofa wouldn’t help you get inspired to work daily. Investing in creating a workspace in your homes is very much worth it because it will support your and your mental state and assure a good work performance.

If you are finally considering adding a few useful and very much-needed pieces for your home office space, this article is for you! We have several functional home office essentials that you will need to build, upgrade your space so that your work (and life) can be done efficiently!

1. 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Working from home means that all the files and documents will have to be stored in your home. Dealing with many papers can be very handy, especially if mixed with other non-work-related ones. It will also be extra work to go through all the papers to find the one you are looking for.

One of the most important factors for a functional and efficient workspace is organization. Being organized is not only putting all things in one place. It is sorting and classifying them. With that, it is a home office essential to have a file cabinet. The ideal cabinet for a home office is the 2 drawer file cabinet. You can check them out at Storables online!

With this, you can store your papers in one safe place and sort them accordingly. The next time you will need the file, you do not have to go through piles of documents because it will be just there in its designated area.

2.Ergonomic Chair

A comfortable ergonomic chair is a total game-changer to anyone working from home! You absolutely shouldn’t settle with getting slumped over at the desk with your neck craned. It will bring lower back and neck aches, which will affect your well-being and work performance.

Many home office workers have switched to ergonomic chairs, and they agreed that it was the best decision they ever made. It is a must, especially if you’re sitting down for long hours. These chairs are made for maximum lumbar support, which is amazing for work because it will minimize back pain, help you work with ease, and increase your productivity.

3. Soft light desk lamp

Opening the blinds and letting natural light come in the day brings positive effects to our mental and physical health. But when we are working late in the evening, and the main light source is our computer screens, our eyes will get strained, and we will be washed with more fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision. We do not want that, do we?

A soft light desk lamp can be an alternative to natural light at night. Its soft glow creates a warm, cosy atmosphere in your work environment that will make it less stressful and calming. Your productive space must be filled with positivity and comfort as well.


4. Ergonomic keyboard 

It would also be great to upgrade the hardware you use for work. Upgrading your keyboard does all the wonders. If you type all day at work, you would not want to deal with a wrist or hand strain after. The worst-case to happen is being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, so do not risk it.

Getting an ergonomic keyboard increases comfort and convenience, and most importantly, it reduces wrist and hand strains. It will keep you focused as they are designed for the efficiency of the work environment. Not only with keyboards, but you should also switch other essential office tools to ergonomically designed ones.


5. Whiteboard

Schedules, plans, brainstorming, storyboards, etc., almost everything can be done digitally on our computers, and setting up a whiteboard in our home office might be a little bit homeschool. But taking a break from the digital world and working with a pen, paper, and a board is very helpful, a halt in a workspace.

Using a whiteboard is a nice alternative for scratchwork and brainstorming ideas. You can write outlines, goals, storyboards, plans, and even sticky notes to boost your productivity. It serves as a great reminder as well!


6. Decorate your space with plants

Add some life to your space! Aside from installing plants as decorations, plants can also be therapeutic, and they can filter the air in the room, which is good for your health. They also add colour and life to your office space which will help us manage our stress better and boost our productivity.

If you are not looking after plants daily, many plants are low-maintenance and resilient, and most of them are very easy to manage and take care of. Give it a try, and you will be surprised by its effect on your workspace.

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In A Nutshell

The ones presented are just a few suggestions that you can have to create and upgrade to a more effective workspace. Aside from functionality and convenience, it is important to create a space that you are most comfortable working in. When organizing, don’t forget to incorporate your personality. You can decorate it with photos and art prints, matching your taste and style. Working from home is highly encouraged that you do not coop yourself up in the space for long periods. Take short and long breaks from time to time! You can do it!