3 Watches to Buy from Nomos Glashütte


Nomos Glashutte, the leader in German horology, has significantly gained popularity outside its region, particularly in the US. Established in the 1990s in Glashütte, a horologically–focused town. This brand is considered a rookie compared to other labels in watchmaking. In contrast to the small rural town of Glashütte, there is nothing small or mediocre in terms of this brand’s production, quality, and functionality.

The brand credits its fame to the minimalist design, prices, and signature mechanical movements. Nomos Glashütte continuously wins the patronage of younger generations through balancing horological and modern elements. The company takes pride in its in-house calibre that enables it to champion the highly competitive industry.  In particular, the Swing System made the brand-independent from third-party suppliers and improved the brand’s production capabilities. Some of its most fancied and sought-after models include the Orion, the Metro, and the Zürich.  Get to know more about this equally elegant and luxurious watch label.

Here are the top watches to buy from Nomos Glashütte.

1.     Nomos Zürich

Reference number 807

Do you want to witness the global time right at your fingertips? You can make it possible through a world timer. You will love this timepiece from  Nomos Glashütte – the Nomos Zürich. It holds complication and simplicity in one. This complicated function of Zurich presents a unique yet minimalist design. For these reasons, it is a timepiece to watch out for.  Keep track of the time from different continents wherever you may be with Zürich.


Stainless steel made up the case has tripartite

Sapphire crystal glass back and fixed with six screws.

Zürich is 39.9 mm in diameter and 10.9 mm in height.

Moreover, the glass is in domed Sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating inside and out. Its winding is automatic and is water-resistant at 3 ATM.

This unique timepiece displays a galvanized blue dial and is armed with a power reserve of 42 hours; Nomos Zürich will never fail your expectations.

Jewels: 24

Calibre: DUW 5201, automatic equips with proprietary escapement, the NOMOS swing system, an exclusive to the brand and world time and 24- hour indicator.

Strap: Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan – one of the finest leathers worldwide

How does it work? 

Its red triangle at 3 points to the current local time, while the triangle at 12 tells the city’s time that you want to monitor. If you’re going to switch to another location, you need to press the pusher at 2. Do this until the triangle at 12 points to your preferred city.

2.     Nomos Orion

Reference number 301

Next on the list is the Orion; the name gives us a glimpse of what it is all about. Orion is the constellation that is easiest to see in the sky, visible throughout the world, and named after a hunter in Greek mythology.

Indeed, there is great beauty in simplicity, and this is what Orion is. The dial is in white, but with a closer look, it comes with a silver hue. Moreover, the hands are head turners with cornflower blue. It is like a centrepiece that draws your attention instantly.  This colouring can only be made possible through a particular watchmaking tradition that Nomos Glashütte utilizes.


The dial is galvanized, has white silver-plated indexes and diamond-polished gold. Like other Nomos watches, the case is stainless steel, tripartite, and with stainless steel back.  Its water resistance is at 3ATM, and the look finishes with Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan black strap. Lastly, it drives by the Alpha Caliber, which is known for its remarkable precision.

Jewels: 17

Winding: Manual

Dimensions: diameter 35.0 mm;  height 7.4 mm

Power Reserve: 43 hours

Case Diameter: 35 mm

Strap:Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan

Orion is a beauty that garnered numerous awards in terms of design, mechanics, and precision. To add to its appeal is its versatility – a timepiece that suits both a woman’s and a man’s wrist.

3.     Metro Date Power Reserve

Reference 1101

The Metro Date Power Reserve has a fun yet sophisticated design different from the other watches from Nomos Glashütte. With this creation, the brand had once again proven its ability to combine horological and modern elements. The Metro Date Power Reserve comes in many variations, but we will focus on reference number 1101- designed by Mark Braun.

Thanks to 37 mm stainless steel and wire lugs on the case, the Metro becomes a watch for him and her.  White and silver serve as the base color of the dial. At the same time, the hour markers display in printed dots. The combination of black and a light shade of blue gives the dial a brand-new look. What about the minute markings? They also feature printed dots, but in a different size, along with Arabic numerals at intervals of 5. The wearer can read time a lot easier. Meanwhile, you can find a date window below the seconds subdial at 6, and it has a trapezoidal shape that will surely catch your interest.

Its calibre DUW4401 was the first movement to feature a proprietary Nomos swing system. The Sapphire glass case back allows you to view the movement. Finally, the Genuine Shell cordovan strap completes the total look of Metro.


Jewels: 23

Winding: manual

Dimensions: diameter 37.0 mm; height 7.7 mm

Dial: You will find mint green indexes  at three, nine, and twelve o’clock galvanized, white silver-plated

Hands: oxidized black, seconds hand red

Strap: Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan black, that comes with quick-change spring bars

Power Reserve: up to 42 hours

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Wrap Up

Nomos Glashütte is considerably young as compared to its competitors. You may not know much about it as the other established watch manufacturers, particularly the Swiss watch brands. However, one cannot deny that this watch is a breath of fresh air when it comes to timepieces. Nomos Glashütte is more accessible in terms of prices than other brands produced in Germany and other parts of the globe. Moreover, the design and functionality of each timepiece are priceless.