Rolex Watch: A Brand That Ensures Precision and Sophistication

Rolex Watch

Think of a watch brand and it has to be Rolex. This is how popular it is. They started small, but because of certain reasons, they went soaring. Along with Apple, Mercedes and Gucci, Rolex watch reserved its spot secured. People and generations have outgrown the popularity. It was almost as if a culture was embedded.

A taste of quality and precision. More than that, it spewed luxury, wealth, and sophistication. A celebration of success one can show off. Its logo, the Rolex Crown, sets the product on a high pedestal. Until now, after a hundred years the company is crowned king, unrivaled, and could never be dethroned.

Historical Background

Hans Wildorf was the founder of Rolex in the 1900s. He found a job at La-Chaux-de-Fonds. It was then one of the main establishments in the horological industry. Horology is the scientific field study for a time, the clock. This also includes the pieces of the clock that compose it.

Those were the days of mini-clocks that you can carry in your pocket. There were also wristlets, but lesser. Together with Alfred Davis, Wildorf built the company. They market assembled watches from Switzerland. He then risked making wristwatches.

Alfred named it Rolex. He thought it was the sound of a winding clock, an onomatopoeic figure. Also, he worked in an industry with a name difficult to pronounce. Hans Wildorf wants the name to be easily pronounced and recognized, thus Rolex was born.

Some people also suggest that the company may have meant horological excellence. It makes sense and resonates with the product itself. From Wildorf and Davis Private Limited Company arose Rolex Watch Co. Ltd.

The watches they made were little by little improving. It was resistant to the external factors that may affect its precision. They have already passed the test with certification. Though it was usually provided only to marine chronometers. It mainly tells about the accuracy and the durability of the watch.

A watch tightly locked, resistant to dust and wind. Watch that you can wind. A watch that is resistant to magnetic force and many more. Innovations after innovations emphasized a manly yet fashionable style. This brand was still fresh, yet people were interested in having one. People are concerned with sports and athletics to specify.

Does It Deserve The Popularity?

On an annual average, the company produces 800,000 watches. In an auction, a single Rolex watch sold the model named Daytona. It was bid and purchased at $17.8 Million. Currently, the most expensive model, The GMT Master II, with a starting price of $435, 350.

The question is, why is it so expensive? Popularity couldn’t just shoulder the reason. Hence, it wouldn’t be in the first place. What is more than the luxurious label it contains?

As much as we should know, we pay not only for its name. It also includes the materials used and the skills of the people who created the watch and the quality of the product itself. During the early production of Rolex, it was not much more expensive. Their prices started going up through the years of innovation.

Today, a single watch model undergoes a laboratory development department. It ensures the design is splendid and marketable. Even though the watch as its parts are as little, seems very easy to make, it is quite the opposite. It is because a professional handles every piece to prevent any risk of a defect.

The materials used are not only authentic themselves but of a higher quality. An excellent material used reflects on the quality of the watch. Also, rolex diamond watch has extra stones are embedded in some designs.

They also ensure precision and accuracy when designing the watch. Each watch must pass the standard quality control. So, the results of their handwork are impeccable. Their materials are so genuine. Even if it was damaged, you can still resell the watch for a lower price. People would still want it.

How to Test the Authenticity

Authenticity is served depending on the store where you bought it. Rolex Retailers are registered and listed as ones who should prove certification. They are not only skilled in selling the watch but also for maintenance.

In their hands, they ensure the authenticity of all the materials used in the watch is valid. You can identify these sellers with the presence of the Official Rolex Plaque. You can visit that summarizes the licensed retailers and customer services.

Top 5 Picks for an Investment

  1. Day-Date

It is one of the watch designs considered being at the peak of demand for wealth. It was released back in 1956. Its appeal is aligned with many state heads and leaders all over the world. It is usual with formal attire.

Special Features: The first self-winding and waterproof wristwatch. Aside from the time, it also shows the date as per its name.

  1. Submariner

This is the most popular pick on any collection from the brand. This causes often counterfeit in the market.

Special Features: Sleek and watertight that can go about 300 meters deep. The watch is also handsome itself.

  1. Yacht-Master

It is available for both men and women and built to last. Thus, you can expect that it is durable.

Special Features: Waterproof with huge hands and obvious bold numbers.

  1. GMT Master

One of the in-demand watches of Rolex is specifically made to suit pilots’ needs while in flight. It can complement casual or formal attire.

Special Features: It has a 24 hours display. GMT Master II can let you read 3 different time zones simultaneously.

  1. Daytona

This model is highly priced and considered one of the most expensive watches ever sold in the world. The auction set $1 million as the starting bid and was sold at $17.8 million. They also named it after America’s auto racing capital.

Special Features: It has three sub-dials appearing to be aesthetically unique.

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When planning to buy a Rolex watch, you must be ready to shell out a big amount of money. But it is an excellent investment because its value increases with time. When it comes to the best place to buy online, you can always count on The Watch Company. Make sure to check them out today!