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Ahtohallan is an ancient river that expressions in the 2019 Disney animation Frozen II. Ahtohallan is described as a river “full of memories” and contains all the answers to the past. The river is an essential part of Northuldran culture and sings Ahtohallan in his lullaby “All Is Found”. Although considered a mere myth, Ahtohallan is real and shaped like a glacier (which in simple terms is a river made of ice).

Ahtohallan is situated in the Black Sea. It acts as a kind of visual archive. By projecting scenes from history along the icy walls, Ahtohallan enables visitors to learn all about their past and the people associated with them. However, walking through the Ahtohallan Caves can be too treacherous. As “All Is Orginate” warns, those who get too far into Ahtohallan will “drown” (actually turn to ice).

Why Frozen 2‘s Ahtohallan Is So-called A ‘River’

When Anna and Elsa were children, their mother sang a lullaby that described an ancient river called Ahtohallan. However, when Elsa ventures north to find it in Frozen 2, she discovers that it is, in fact, a glacier. Arendelle’s two orphan royal sisters. First introduced in 2013 in Frozen, are initially concerned about the escalation of Elsa’s latent powers over ice and snow. But eventually learn, along with their people, to accept her gifts as miraculous and accept his kingdom before then. Protect the scheming Prince Hans.

Like many of their Disney colleagues. Anna and Elsa’s parents are almost absent from the first Frozen and die in a shipwreck early in the movie. However, their deaths will not continue, and the two princesses’ troubles are mostly theirs. Frozen 2 poses essential new questions for Anna and Elsa about their family history and their nation’s legacy.


As unexpected as it may be, glaciers have a lot in common with rivers; They are not only essential water reservoirs but can also move considerably despite the monolithic appearance of the glaciers. Glaciers formed on the slope that develop from heavy snowfall that compensates for heat loss can progressively slide downwards. Given the size and mass of the forces involved, this process can change terrain dramatically, and many of the deep valleys in our world are the result of glacial migration that occurred thousands of years ago. It doesn’t seem intuitive that the effects of ice could be comparable to those of running water, but what it does is that the rotation is science-based.

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In terms of cinema

Frozen 2 consumes an additional autumnal colour palette than its forerunner, which is why Ahtohallan is the only winter room on par with Elsa’s ice castle. It is in sharp contrast to another critical location, the Enchanted Forest, and since both locations occur naturally, it reinforces the film’s visual concept of seasonal change.

The visual beauty of Frozen 2 far surpasses the original in terms of ambition. And Ahtohallan’s frosting offers another surprising and unexpected place at the end of the film while still respecting the aesthetic of the franchise. It is not only a minor twist but also vast and compelling proof of the film’s larger theme of lessons from the past given the prejudice. Fortunately, Elsa, as tirelessly as she searches for the answers she finally finds in the rigid structure. Can also question accepted truths and thus come closer to understanding things as they are.

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