What to Wear With Black Jeans

Black Jeans

It took a little idea to explain it, and after much deliberation, I decided to group the different “looks” into generalities or ways that I often wear black jeans. In short, I’m going to share my outfit formulas for wearing black jeans – what works and why. I have found black jeans to look better with a few colours and prints. I thought it might be helpful to go through them with you and give you examples as you go.

1. Wear black jeans with shades of brown

My first reaction to removing black jeans is to pair them with a neutral color. It’s such a classic combo, and the colors still work. I love playing with the combination of black and brown to put together outfits, especially in the fall and winter months. The two colors together have something so classic (in my opinion) – especially in combination with golden accessories!

Black Jeans

In this outfit, I combined a long camel jacket with a white T-shirt and jeans in a used look for a casual dinner with friends. Finish the look with a leopard heel that brought the whole look together.

I went for a tone-on-tone look with this outfit above and played the combination of brown and black. There is something so classic and chic about wearing black and brown that almost always reminds me of Ralph Lauren (one of my favorite designers / EVER labels)).

I played with the black and neutral color scheme here again and combined my black pants with my classic tunic and beige blazer for a casual look. I could easily have worn black pumps here, and it would have looked great, but I thought the leopard added an excellent and exciting touch.

2. Wear black jeans with cream and off-white

Just as black looks great with brown and camel hues, it pairs well with most other neutral colors. I would say the most important thing to keep in mind here is that you don’t want too much contrast or volume. You want to make sure your suit is balanced from head to toe. Don’t get me wrong; the chunks and contrast can be significant. Still, in my personal experience, I have found that a contrasting black denim outfit (i.e., using lighter colors, whites, etc.) must style appropriately to balance well and act.

Black Jeans

For example, if you’re wearing black jeans with a lighter off-white sweater, you might want to balance the stark contrast between the sweater and pants with a bootie, cardigan, hat, or another brown accessory. And again, everyone is different, but it was just the thumb style rules works for me.

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3. Wear black jeans with taupe

Just as black goes well with bronzes and brown-based neutrals, it also works well with “mushroom” tones or more taupe tones.

Here I combined my (prettier) black skinny jeans with a taupe colored top and finished off the look with suede flats (full outfit article here)! I tried on the outfit with black leather flats, but it looked incomplete for some reason – the taupe suede was so much better. I couldn’t tell why!

4. Wear black jeans with black intended for an ALL black look

Black Jeans

Wearing black over black is always a viable option. And if you live in New York, I’ve found that this is the only option – at least if you don’t want to get noticed. You really can’t go wrong wearing black over black. As long as you complete the look with different textures or with certain accessories, you are golden. In my knowledge, you want to add some interest to the outfit to make it look finished. I usually do this with jewelry, a scarf, or a belt!

5. Wear black jeans with white

Black Jeans

I know another neutrality deserves its category as it is the right choice for me, especially during the colder months. I have no problem wearing white in the winter, but I tend to prefer a white top with black pants in colder weather. A white top AND white jeans seem very summery to me, but for the most part, a white top with black is just plain better.

6. Wear black jeans in olive green color or other jewelry tones

Black Jeans

I admit I was surprised I could make these colors work in this outfit because if you think about it, a LOT is going on. I mean, gray shoes with a brown belt with black jeans AND an olive sweater? IMPRESSIVE. That’s a lot of colors. But something about this outfit made me happy, and I think it worked. I think the gold hardware and dark brown leather on the belt helped bring it all together. But for the most part, I LOVE trying olive green with black jeans, and it’s a color combination that I use a lot.

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