Why Bengali Saree Look Goes Viral – Top 7 Ideas

Bengali women are known for their perfect style, especially when wearing Bengali saree look. Furthermore, simplicity always comes in the rich Bengali silk sarees like Jamdani, Tant, Deccai, Baluchari, and Garad. Moreover, these sarees look graceful with ethnic Bengali curtains. Nowadays, there are many different styles of wearing Bengali sarees.

Moreover, many movies such as Devdas, Kahani, and Gunday have a lasting influence on Bengali sarees. Moreover, the particular draping method of Bengali sarees further enhances the appearance of Bengali women. Furthermore, it gives an authentic and exquisite look. Once you master the technique of draping a Bengali saree, you can experiment with other styles.

Below are the different Bengali-style saree curtains. At the same time, you find the initial curtain the same way. Here the deviations are only on the front. Read the article to learn how to drape a Bengali-style saree and how to achieve the perfect Bengali saree look. Here I have outlined some steps to enhance the authentic Bengali look.


Bridal wear saree draping

With changing times, the bride needs to style differently. She can also opt for a draped Bengali saree in this style.

  • Drape your saree in thick silk-like the previous sarees.
  • There is only a minor change that the edge of the saree almost brushes feet in this way.
  • It appears like a Nivi style, but the front cover gives the touch of Bengali fabric.

These bridal sarees can also be paired with the dupatta. Its feminine appeal is improved by the beautiful pattern of zari motifs running through it.


Wear saree in Bengali style with a belt

Wear saree in Bengali style with a belt

Now you can style your sheer garad saree most amazingly. Here you need to add a statement belt to enhance the look.

  • Start by wearing this saree as your first style.
  • Second: Adjust the front pleats and place all pleats on the left shoulder.
  • The remaining pallu part comes to the front like the first.
  • You need to tighten your waist with a nice metal belt.

Bright colors, vibrant patterns, and many accessories characterize Bengali fashion. The Bengali saree is also the epitome of serenity and creativity. Also, you can enhance the beauty of the Bengali saree with the different types of curtains. If you get pure Bengali sarees, you can also go to authentic places like G3+.

Moreover, you can visit g3fashion.com to buy the types of Bengali silk sarees. Plus, you can use the G3+ video shopping service to shop online just by sitting in your seat. It is the safest and coolest way to shop.


Empress Drape Bengali Saree Look

Empress Drape Bengali Saree Look

The Bengali style of wearing a pleated saree is mainly an eightfold pattern, which reveals itself with every little wrinkle. It is one of the top and most fashionable Korial saree styles. It is not only popular among Bengalis but also other Indians.

This saree is worn and is lovely and appropriate for a traditional saree. Bengali fashion like this can never disappoint you. Different styles have a unique way of various types.

Wearability: This is appropriate for a Bengali wedding resembling a queen’s curtain. This draped style is meant for a silk saree. Preferably Benarasi Saree and other traditional Bengali style saris.


Old Kolkata Bengali Saree Look

Old Kolkata Bengali Saree Look

It is not only a fabulous draping style but also a perfect saree for the bridal party. Not only does the bride feel comfortable with such a beautiful draping style, but her images also look stunning.

The subtlety of these images is most evident in these images. I think one should always choose the style based on the fabric and the zari work done.

Wearability: The best thing about this look is the ruffled blouse. It is one of the traditional blouse designs with the most ethnic white saree.


Yellow Benarasi Bengali Saree Look

Wearing a yellow saree always makes you look your best. This saree is the best of them all. The simplicity of the yellow color shines through the soft cotton fabric.

The pallu or folds are much straighter and smoother. This gorgeous saree makes you look slimmer and is one of the most comfortable fabrics.

Wearability: This saree in yellow color is suitable for the Haldi ceremony. The Haldi ceremony is called ‘Gae Holud’; this typical Bengali saree reminds me of it.


Reception Party Bengali Saree Look

This is undoubtedly the Bengali saree look that everyone wants to have. It’s awesome, organized, placed, and has the most admirable little details.

The red saree is shiny and has the most beautiful wedding sparkle. The most crucial part of organizing a piece like this is that you can wear it to the wedding ceremony.

Wearability: The color red is both adaptable and flexible. Consequently, it is a perfect choice for people who like dark colors.


Stunning teal Bengali saree look

Teal is one type of color that goes well with multiple layers of a Bengali saree look. As a simple outfit, it is one of the best dresses to wear and flaunt without a doubt. You wouldn’t be disappointed with the result.

The exorbitant color combination and the resulting blouse design. Together, they make the most of this understated groom’s dress and attire.

Wearability: I believe such an outfit deserves to be part of your return to the office after the wedding, like your glamorous post-wedding glow that’s just perfect.


Red Handloom Bengali saree look

Red sarees are the best there are. A Bengali bridal look focuses on the theme of originality and authenticity in keeping with the culture and traditions of the family.

A handwoven red saree is one of those sarees that are mostly worn for light and tiny events that are almost not as important as the wedding ceremony.

Wearability: Wearing such a beautiful saree is to show off all parts of this look. First, to bring out the best in a traditional look after marriage, or even as a spell for Saraswati Puja.

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