Christmas Décor Idea for Indoor Spaces

Putting up Christmas decorations is a family tradition going back decades and though the quintessential picture of a family home is that of a large house, even tiny apartments can get good Christmas décor. Just because your apartment is small doesn’t mean that you don’t have to decorate for Christmas. Granted, decorating does make your house seem even tinier, but overall, the idea is you can make good use of your space with the little decorations you can get your hands on.

 The Best Christmas Trees Options for Tiny Spaces

If your space is tiny, then you are probably thinking about getting artificial trees that fit the height you want. Since most natural trees tend to be larger, then an artificial tree will come in any shape and size you want. However, this shouldn’t always be the case. You can talk to your tree vendor to get tiny Christmas trees that you can fit in any space you want. If your apartment has a balcony, you can even grow the tree there and prune it as you see fit. This will allow you to shape it however you want and eventually, the end result is a tree that fits your purpose.

How to Light Up your house using Christmas Lights

There is really no primary definition of what Christmas lights are, and therefore this gives you an opportunity to create your own lighting theme that works for you. For tiny apartments, using large Christmas lights or normal string lights can make your house seem too bright. However, the first thing to consider is that if your house is stuffy then there is no way Christmas lighting will work, so you have to first create space before you decorate it.

Start by placing the lights on the corner of your house first before you identify where the Christmas trees would go. Another idea is to make use of candles for spaces that don’t need more light. These could be your kitchen, corridors or even the bathroom. This way, you get to save on your energy bills while lighting up your house. If you are expecting a lot of visitors, then you can replace the candles with bottle lights which give off the same amount of light but which you can also use to disperse colorful lights without overwhelming your house.

The overall idea in decorating for Christmas is that your house should feel more homely and comfortable. So make sure other aspects of comfort are available before you begin decorating. You don’t have to get a large tree, or even place all your presents in one place. You can place boxes in several places around the house or even play a treasure hunt for your family.

Overall, with good lighting and well-placed decorations, you can turn your tiny apartment into a Christmas wonderland. Just make sure you remove any clutter and go for a minimalist theme that will bring out the best in your spaces.

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