The Best Way To Configure Legacy Contacts For Your Online Accounts

The Best Way To Configure Legacy Contacts For Your Online Accounts

A “digital legacy” is a moderately new concept, so let’s exchange about what it means and how you can protect it, like B. Legacy Contacts.

Future planning can be done in a variety of ways. We are aware that we must communicate our ultimate desires and plans to our loved ones and keep our life insurance policy current. But it’s simple to miss some components of future planning.

Do you have an emergency plan in place for your internet accounts? It’s important to remember your social media accounts when drafting or updating your will, even though you can also include your bank and retirement accounts. Using the legacy contact feature in many apps and services, you can pre-schedule your funds when you are not in view.

Legacy Contact

A Legacy Contact is somebody you choose to handle account management after passing. A Legacy Contact is sure access to specific areas of your account. It is certain the authority to decide what will happen to it and its contents when an account is grateful.

Giving someone your password is not the same as having a Legacy Contact. A Legacy Contact cannot access your account. A Legacy Contact cannot admittance all areas of your account depending on the app, settings, and permissions, keeping some private information private for good.

Accounts with old contacts


Facebook’s legacy contact intentionally allowed loved ones to close someone’s Facebook page with a tag or “remember” but not post as themselves. To set up an old Facebook contact, go to Settings & Privacy → Settings → General → Save Settings. An additional setting allows that person to download a backup copy of your Facebook facts, including photos and profile data, but not your messages. There’s also an option for Facebook to delete your account if you die, although someone must notify the company of your death.


There are critical differences in how Google handles this type of surrogate contact. First, it’s not just about waiting for someone to try to access an account proactively. Instead, you can set it to inevitably contact your employees after a set period, from three to 18 months, after determining that you are no longer using your Google products.

Unlike Apple’s legacy contact, Google lets you choose which data categories are included and available for your backup contact. It’s a long list, covering 52 choices, from basics like interactions and photos to technical details like “Android Device Configuration Service.”

Google lists some purchased files from the Play Store, including Movies, TV, and Books.

A nice touch from Google is the ability to add an email autoresponder in case your account becomes inactive.


Although Instagram is under the same meta umbrella as Facebook, it doesn’t have a legacy contact feature. Instead, Instagram allows an instant family member, next of kin, or executor to file a memorial request on a deceased person’s Instagram account.

Memorial Instagram accounts have a “Remember” tag following the person’s name at the topmost of their profile. All your content, including photos and videos, stays on Instagram and is visible to your audience. Memorial accounts no longer appear in the Explore tab.

Nobody can log into a memorialized Instagram account. In addition, no changes can be thru to posts, comments on posts, profile pictures, groups, or privacy settings.

Deleting an account may also be requested by a close relative or executor who can provide documentation of your demise, such as a death certificate or obituary.


Apple recently made headlines for its old Contacts feature for iPhone and iOS, but the enthusiasm among its user base was palpable.

A legacy contact is the safest way to give your spouse, family member, or trusted friend access your personal information and Apple digital files.

Apple introduced Legacy Contacts, starting with iOS 15.2, iPad 15.2, and macOS 12.1. An inherited contact receive photos, writing messages, notes, apps, and additional information. However, passwords and payment information are not accessible to old contacts.

Choose the right legacy contacts

Just as selecting the perfect person to inherit a profoundly personal item can take time and thought, you don’t want to make just anyone a legacy contact in your online accounts.

A legacy contact must, first and foremost, be reliable. It frequently ranks among the most intimate areas of our lives. It would be greatest if you took a Legacy Contact, someone you can trust to control your face, name, and reputation after you pass away. Social media platforms are private spaces.

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