8 Types of Earrings for Men

8 Types of Earrings for Men

No longer do men have to scrounge through women’s earrings to find a pair suitable enough for them to get away with wearing them. Now, jewelry makers are designing earrings specifically for men just as they have been for women for years. Like women’s ear rings, earrings for men come in a wide variety of types and styles from dazzling men’s diamond earrings to a simple hoop or taper. As a man or a person shopping for a man, choosing the right pair of earrings for “him” depends on both an understanding of men’s earrings and of the man who’ll be wearing them.

As you read through the different types of men’s ear rings, consider these general guidelines for how to match the earrings you choose to your face shape and skin tone.

With skin tone, fair skin goes well with silver and white gold but not with rose gold, which makes the skin look pink. Pale, milky skin goes well with silver and white gold but not yellow gold. Dark skin goes well with yellow gold primarily but also goes with white gold and silver. And olive skin goes well with basically any color.

With face shape, oblong faces go well with round ear rings; heart-shaped faces go well with straight earrings with no curves, such as a taper or barbell; square faces go well with curved or round earrings, and round faces go well with square earrings. These are loose guidelines and what matters most is choosing a pair of earrings that you feel confident in!


1. Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are the easiest, simplest, and safest option of earrings for beginners to wear. Besides being subtle and simple to wear, they also offer greater versatility than other types of earrings. That is because you’re less restricted to where and when they’re appropriate, unlike some other earring types. Studs give you the character an ear ring confers while remaining discreet.

2. Hoop Earrings

For men, hoop earrings should be subtle. Try something small and thin that doesn’t hang below the chin, usually, this kind of hoop is called a huggie. A small hoop ear ring is a great step up from studs while still staying in your comfort zone. Some hoops are solid gold while others are encrusted with diamonds, there are plenty of options to choose from that will match your style.

3. Dangle Earrings (Charms and Pendants)

For something showier that holds a bit more character than standard hoop ear rings, try this variation of a hoop earring with charms or pendants. The charms are interchangeable and attach directly to the hoop. Pendants are usually permanently attached, making them perfect for someone who knows exactly what they want. Choose those dangle earrings that speak to your personality, like a feather, lightning bolt, skull, or cross. Whatever style you choose, make sure they match your rope chain necklace and any other jewelry you wear regularly.

4. Novelty Earrings

Perhaps the type of men’s ear ring with the widest variety of designs, these are typically big, bold ear rings in the shapes of objects that reveal your passion, interest, or quirk, such as an American eagle, chain mace, dragon, smiley face, or celestial symbol. Typically, they come as studs or magnetic ear rings, though not exclusively. Novelty earrings may be too ostentatious for certain settings, like the office or a formal wedding, but they fit in perfectly at the bar or club, when out with friends, or while on vacation.

5. Plugs and Flesh Tunnels

These types of ear rings are for men who are more attracted to the holes in the ears that ear rings create than the ear rings themselves. Coming in varying sizes, plugs and flesh tunnels slip into a large hole pierced into the ear and are typically left in there to prevent the hole from closing back up and healing itself.

After some time, you may graduate to a larger size of the same plug or another one at a slightly larger size, stretching the hole in your ear a little more. The earrings themselves come in a variety of styles, from narrow to wide plugs made of wood, steel, or other sturdy material to flesh tunnels in various shapes and designs, like a hexagonal screw or with spiked tips.

6. Tapers

Just like they sound, taper earrings start wide at one end and narrow to a point at the other end. They can be straight or curved and come in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. Tapers are best for men with a large earlobe who don’t want to wear men’s jewelry as dramatic as ear plugs or tunnels.

In addition to full-on tapers, you can also find fake tapers that fit inside a standard pierced hole. There are also magnetic tapers that require no hole at all.

7. Magnetic Earrings

Magnetic earrings are so named because they stay on the ear using magnets. These are perfect for men who don’t have their ears pierced as they’re great for experimenting with different looks. However, pierced ears aren’t a disqualification from wearing them. These earrings are strong enough to hold together securely without painfully crushing your earlobe or leaving any visible marks there.

8 Clip-On Earrings

Another way to explore wearing earrings without committing to piercing a hole in your ear just yet is to check out clip-on earrings. Just like they sound, these ear rings operate on a hinge that closes around the front and back of your earlobe to secure itself in place. When you hear clip-on earrings, it might remind you of the cheap ones you would play dress-up with when you were younger. Just as we’ve grown up, so have clip-ons! Most look just like any other earring so no one can tell the difference.


No matter what your skin tone and the shape of your face are, you can undoubtedly find men’s ear rings of any type in your style. When you’re looking for men’s ear rings to suit your aesthetic, think about what style, shape, and size you want. Don’t forget to match them to any other jewelry you wear including 14k gold chains, bracelets, and watches.

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