Fall Beauty Preparation List in 10 Steps

Fall Beauty Preparation List in 10 Steps

Back-to-school commercials run nonstop during primetime, and some demanding, overly exuberant grocery stores have already put their Halloween candy on full display. Our favorite retailers have all summer clothing on final reduction.

Well, the fall season is rapidly approaching. Even if you were as slack or “laid back and relaxed” this summer as I was, don’t worry; we still have about a month to prepare for the shift in season and mindset. Here is a 10-step fall beauty prep checklist to help you start stress-free and with confidence as you prepare to be your best fall self yet! Fun times!

1. Strive for Fuller, Beautiful Brows

I just advised you to cut back on your waxing, threading, and tweezing (holla!) In addition to helping enhance your face when you start wearing adorable cold season hats, fuller brows work well with autumnal greens, golds, and bronzes. Go for lovely, full brows and define them using a brow pencil one shade lighter than your natural colour to add depth to your brow definition. It’s perfectly cool to maintain by tweezing the stray hairs here and there. Looking for the ideal brow shape for you? Learn more here!

Are you lacking eyebrow pencils? Use eyeliner instead and smudge with a Q-tip or your finger when in a bind. The Sorme Eyeliner in Charcoal or Brown matches most brow colours; combine the two to get your ideal shade.

2. Rock a Natural, Matte Nail Shade

Grey and olive—very large! Grey is a terrific, all-encompassing complement to the hues of the changing season, as are shades of plum, navy, and grey. (See also how amazing plum looks on your lips for fall.) Olive combines nicely with these fall colours. Not to add, matte polishes are all the rage because they let you wear strong colours without drawing attention away from the rest of your outfit. Before your next manicure and pedicure session, check out our most recent article on matte manicures for inspiration.

3. Try Minimal Minerals

What complements skin exfoliation well? Attempting mineral makeup! As mineral makeup binds to oil rather than water, it protects your skin by sitting on top rather than absorbing it into your pores and clogging them. Also, because mineral makeup is manufactured with natural materials, it is less damaging to your skin. Third, you can accomplish much more with much less because it is much more adaptable.

In addition to mineral foundation and powder, Sorme also sells mineral eye shadows and blushes, which give your entire face a dewy radiance.

4. Moisturize with Oil

Say goodbye to thick nighttime moisturizers, and welcome to hydrating face oils! This item has been available for a long time, but as fall approaches, it only recently gained popularity. The best part is that it just takes a bit of moisturizing oil to hydrate your entire face. Moisturizing oils may truly balance out your skin’s moisture consistency. Not to mention that face oil moisturizes skin and increases its resistance to irritants because it is soothing. Ask about face moisturizing oil when you visit your favorite beauty counter.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

Although using one of those fancy Clarisonic equipment is probably the best way to exfoliate your skin daily, I can still exfoliate my skin by washing it with a basic exfoliating brush and using an exfoliating cream once a week as part of my beauty care regimen. As we transition into fall, exfoliation is essential for healthy, glowing skin because it removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores, keeping skin open and fresh to absorb the crisp air and give you a gorgeous glow.

6. Big, Bold Lashes

Kim Kardashian is probably to blame for the recent fad of thick, dramatic lashes. Whatever the case, long, thick lashes only get bigger, longer, and bolder. Strong lashes blend perfectly with your stunning, thick brows, fall-fresh skin, and mineralized makeup. Several alternatives are available here: you may use any of the hip mascaras currently on the market (my favorite is Sorme Extreme Volumizing Mascara), add falsies to any look, or go permanent with different lash growth treatments. As long as you’re careful, the wrong way is one of the simplest. This manual will help you get going. So this fall, feel free to experiment with larger, bolder, and sexier eyes.

7. Strive for Sleek, Smooth Strands

We can also swap out our beach waves and braids for sleek, straight strands when cool, fresh air takes the place of the bothersome company of summer humidity. Consider attempting a keratin straightening treatment if you have thick, curly hair that is difficult to straighten or has ringlets. A formaldehyde-free treatment called Überliss, which is made for a wider range of hair types, is something I tested back in March. You can read about my experience here. My daily styling time was halved, thanks to my summer-long smooth strands!

8. Try a New Brush

We can also swap out our beach waves and braids for sleek, straight strands once the stifling company of summer humidity is replaced by cool, fresh air. A keratin straightening treatment can be worth attempting if you have thick, curly hair that is difficult to straighten or has ringlets. In March, I tested out Überliss, a formaldehyde-free treatment for a wider range of hair types (read about my experience here!). My style time each day was shortened in half thanks to my summer-long smooth strands!

9. Bob It

The bob has countless variations, making it the ideal hairstyle for everyone. For fall, longer, chin-length haircuts with softer lines are in style. Scarlett Johansson is wearing one in this photo.

10. Go Big Red! (Head That Is)                                    

As we approach fall, red always appears to be the “it” colour; I suppose the changing leaves motivate us to change the colour of our hair. Well, last fall, I turned crimson. Enjoy adding heat to your hair colour by discussing with your stylist how to use warm, reddish tones that best complement your skin tone.

As a result, you will readily increase your routine and/or appearance as fall approaches, whether you try one or all ten of these fall beauty preparation suggestions.

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