How Sixthreezero’s Bike Fitting Customizer Works


When buying a new bike, you have many factors to consider – riding habits, distances, and destinations, to name a few. Biking on city streets is a lot different than riding on rugged off-road trails, for instance. It would help if you chose a bike that supports your lifestyle. But like a new pair of shoes, your bike must also fit you properly. Thankfully, shopping for custom bicycles is quite easy. This quick guide explains how Sixthreezero’s BodyFit tool can match you with the perfect bike.

Introducing BodyFit by Sixthreezero

BodyFit is a pretty awesome tool. BodyFit can suggest a custom hybrid bike, a cruiser, a commuter bike, and other models that meet your riding needs. And it only takes about five minutes to get your results. Just click the “Start Fitting” button. You’ll be asked for your email address, where Sixthreezero can send you a quick message with your results.

Next, you’ll enter a few bits of info, starting with your height and weight. BodyFit also asks you some important questions to match you with the right bike – arm and leg length, injuries, and joint pain issues, to name a few. You’ll want to have some idea of your planned riding frequency, distance, and terrain types. Some models excel at city riding on paved roads, while others can handle paved paths and light trails.

Understanding Your Recommended Bikes

Sixthreezero’s bike fitting customizer suggests bikes that closely fit your body and riding needs. You may see just a few bike models or several, based on what you told the customizer. For instance, the EVRYJourney is an ideal match for someone who’s 5’7″, weighs 200 pounds, suffers from joint pain, and has short arms and legs. That same person is only 5’0″, the Around the Block 24″ offers a better fit. The Around the Block 24″ comes in both men’s and women’s styles with several attractive color choices.

You may be surprised by some of Sixthreezero’s recommended bike models. You may see suggestions for three-wheeled bikes like the BodyEase Tricycle. This model has a comfortable step-through frame, an ergonomic riding position, and a cushioned dual-spring seat. Its tires measure 1.95 inches wide, rolling smoothly over bumps and absorbing their shock.

Your matches may also include electric bikes. Sixthreezero’s electric bicycles are powered by rear hub motors – either 250 watts or 500 watts, depending on the model. These motors offer either a small power boost for pedal assistance or can completely power your ride. Sixthreezero’s e-bikes are electric versions of popular models. The EVRYJourney, for example, comes in both 250W and 500W versions.

Shopping for Your Bike

Sixthreezero’s BodyFit customizer makes bike shopping easier. It takes the guesswork out of selecting a bike that fits you and your riding style with custom-matched results. While you’re at it, take a look at Sixthreezero reviews. You’ll also find smart advice and other useful info to help you get the most out of your new ride.

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