Wearing Sneakers with a Dress: Top Tips


Ten years ago, pairing dresses with sneakers would elicit a few scoffs.

But now, street style is taking the fashion industry by storm. More and more people are unlearning archaic notions of style for a more modernized look.

Even so, it’s still intimidating for most people to go out wearing a dress with sneakers. While high-profile celebrities like Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski look chic in these get-ups, it might be difficult to imagine them on yourself.

Nonetheless, this year’s summer is one of the hottest ever. In moments like these, it’s best to opt for your sneakers instead of your three-inch stilettos — while still looking fantastic, of course.

So keep reading for our top tips on how to wear sneakers with a dress! Afterward, you’ll most likely be tempted to add a few things to your shopping list.

Layer Up With a Cardigan

Sneakers and dresses aren’t only ideal for fashion-savvy city dwellers. Sometimes, you just want optimal comfort — with a comfortable, breathable dress and a pair of kicks that are just as easy to wear.

For these moments, layer a light cardigan over your dress. Not only does it provide some warmth in too-cold rooms, but it will also tie your look together.

But that doesn’t mean that your outfit can’t make a statement at all. If you want to look both casual and chic, then go for a pair of Yeezy sneakers. Spectators will understand that you’re not willing to sacrifice style for any level of comfort.

Two-Piece Ensembles

Not all dresses come in one piece. Some come in a paired ensemble — something like a cropped blouse with a skirt. Or an athleisure bodycon two-piece.

Either way, these outfits already look put together on their own. So pairing sneakers with these looks tend to be quite easy, as even casual two-piece ensembles look very cohesive.

This is great for those wondering what to wear with sneakers for ladies — especially in the summer. Wearing a two-piece with a fresh pair of shoes will give you an easy but extremely effective outfit strategy.


You’d be surprised at how much a little bling can transform an outfit. Especially one that’s a little more “dressed down.”

Imagine pairing a midi, royal purple dress with an expensive pair of kicks. All this, plus some shiny pieces layered around your neck, your wrists, and your earlobes. Maybe you’d opt for pieces plated with gold brass since warm golds pair gorgeously with vivid purple hues.

No matter what, accessorizing is a great way to punctuate your outfit. So if you feel like your look is a little incomplete, try layering necklaces or an extra ring. Doing so can elevate and complete your look all in one go!

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Sneakers With a Dress: Jump On This Year’s Trend

Trends change all the time. But instead of lamenting about the fashion industry’s impermanence, it’s better to take advantage of it. In this case, that means looking great without sacrificing comfort.

This guide is meant to demonstrate a few ways you can pair sneakers with a dress. If it did, then check out the rest of our blog! We’ve got plenty of information for readers just like you, whether you’re a fashion wiz or just starting to build your wardrobe.