5 Examples of Great Healthcare Website Designs

If you are creating an online store to sell healthcare products, then developing the right product card and calls to action can help increase

A great medical website displays an outstanding lead production device and a relevant marketing associate. If a website is created for a clinic, it cannot only sell services but also reduce the burden on the medical staff, helping the user search for answers to questions online. If you are creating an online store to sell healthcare products, then developing the right product card and calls to action can help increase sales. But after looking at dozens of cases of websites on medicine, we concluded that designing an excellent website for medical services or a clinic is a big problem for developers.

Indeed, it is pretty challenging to produce a medical portal or website for a clinic if there is no relevant experience. When choosing a developer, providers of medical services should be careful and careful since an excellent medical site should not contain mistakes and must meet the target audience’s needs and have competent content.

We create the best website for medicine. What should be on a medical site?

Regardless of the type of site and the topic it is devoted to, the resource must be easy to use, sell, and meet technical and marketing requirements. Let’s list the essential requirements and elements that are required for a medical site.

  • Navigation and site structure

The correct internal structure of a website that advertises medical services or sells medical products is the basis for the project’s success. It is also essential for SEO, as the correct structure with all the pages will lead to targeted users. Competent selection of semantics, the definition of categories and subcategories (this is especially important for medical portals), and choosing a suitable type of structure guarantees convenience from the user point of view.

  • Page structure

The best sites for dental clinics are sites that sell medical services. The product should be designed in landing pages, where each of them is created according to a marketing structure for active sales. Building blocks, their content, the presence of calls to action, and lead-generating buttons, increase the conversion of the section. It also improve to develop sales.

  • Medical website design

The design of a medical website must be credible. There is no place for bright colors (that cause irritation or negative associations: red, black, etc.) and original fonts. When choosing a color, you need to focus on the theme of the site itself. For example, the design of a medical portal might be in neutral colors and not necessarily white. The main thing is that the main background and font color are combined and suggest readability. More information can be found on https://fireart.studio/web-design-services/

  • Content

Text blocks and text content are the key elements that hold the entire site, regardless of its subject matter. The requirements for the text are very high. It must be written by a specialist with medical education (or checked by him). He creates articles with a meaning that is understandable to an ordinary person without medical education. Content with templates and standard phrases will not be attractive to a potential client.

Examples of the best medical websites

Moreover, here are the best examples of healthcare website design that deserve attention and can become role models with their design, functionality, and content.

Example 1

Simplicity and style are the main elements of the site. There is nothing extra here, and it seems that everything is in its place, providing the user with simple control and search for the necessary information.

The feature of the site is the possibility of online booking of the service. This function greatly simplifies the user’s recording task and relieves some of the burdens on staff. The user can select the service after finding out its cost and period, date and time, and then only confirm the entry by phone.

Example 2

This sample site is challenging to categorize. The site does not sell services, but it is an advertisement for a centre engaged in breast cancer research.

Example 3

Example 4

Royal Adelaide

Example 5

Northwestern medicine

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