How to cut curly hair: A complete guide

how to cut curly hair

If you want to know how to cut curly hair, you visited the right place. Do you want your hair to grow long? So cut it out! It is a common misconception that you should never cut it for hair to grow long and naturally curly. Refusing to cut your hair or not cutting your hair often enough can cause serious harm. Split ends can climb up the hair shaft and cause severe hair breakage. If you want to know how to cut curly hair, frizzy, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Leaving the ends damaged while trying to grow hair will continually break it as if your hair never grows beyond a certain point. Trimming your hair seasonally or as needed can help keep it growing for as long as possible. Hair naturally grows half an inch to an inch per month! Cutting a few inches of breaks or damaged ends ensures maximum length retention. What’s the best haircut for curly hair? A blunt cut, of course!

Important steps to cut curly hair

Part your hair evenly, and be sure to detangle and deeply condition it beforehand. Dry ends are often mistaken for damaged ends when they need more moisture and care. By conditioning thoroughly ahead, it will be easy to tell what is damaged and what is not.


Easy movement between sections – I like to grow my hair back while focusing on one section, so I don’t cut the same section twice.


Use a wide-tooth comb and apply moisture with a spray bottle. Wet hair is easier to handle, and judge the length when you pull the hair straight for a cut. Do not brush wet hair! Wet hair can be very flexible and break easily when wet.

Detangle and comb

Combing detangled hair from root to tip should be relatively easy. If hair snags at the ends, inspect what needs to be cut. After cutting, the comb should travel easily through the hair.

Cut seasonally!

Trimming the hair every six months ensures healthy growth and healthy hair! When there is a risk that the hair will be damaged frequently (such as the summer months or chemical/heat treatments) every three months, cuts are also a good idea.

Regular hair inspection ensures that the hair stays healthy, so if you find a split end in a strand of hair, cut it straight away!


Additional Tips for Natural Curly Hair Growth

Massage the scalp for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Brush once a week to disperse the oils from the scalp.

Conditioning and deep conditioning often.

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