Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini Which Massage Gun to Choose?

Hypervolt Go vs Theragun Mini Which Massage Gun to Choose?

Make certain that Hypervolt vs Theragun  Mini is a contest between products, not brands. People typically use one of these massagers to relax after a strenuous workout or a busy day out—even this Hypervolt versus. Theragun matchup keeps your body operating to its full potential.
Many features set the Hypervolt and Theragun massagers apart from one another. This is primarily a quality comparison, making it difficult to choose the best option. We have mentioned every factor in comparing Hypervolt and Theragun to provide you with enough information. Most essential, take into account the following;

• Does it increase the power of your muscles?

• Is it simple to accommodate your unique muscles?
Hypervolt and Theragun are good enough devices, but let’s see who comes out on top in the quality contest.

Features of Hypervolt vs Theragun to compare:

Theragun vs hypervolt in design:

Theragun features a triangular structure that offers a multi-sided grasp and is simple to use. The third and fourth-generation Theragun devices have this triangular design. To make the massage pistol easy to hold or weightless, this design must be improved in terms of build quality.
The Hypervolt massager’s handheld design is currently accepted as best practice. Numerous different creators are replicating the design of this massage cannon. The Hypervolt design appears to be typical because of this.
Dominant: In contrasting Theragun and Hypervolt, we’ve determined that Theragun features an ergonomic design.

Hypervolt vs Theragun:

The Ragun Pro is the most expensive massage gun and has the highest level of construction. Hypervolt plus also adheres to this unmatched or unequalled quality.
On the other hand, the construction of Hypervolt is likewise exceptional. To reduce the massager’s weight, several Bluetooth devices with high build quality had to be compromised.
Overall, we may conclude that Theragun generally outperforms Hypervolts in terms of construction quality.

Battery theragun vs hypervolt:

The third-generation Theragun was openly decried and had a 75-minute battery life. Anyhow, the battery life improved when Theragun upgraded their gadgets to the 4th Generation. The Theragun Pro has a 2.5-hour battery life. Furthermore, such a massage gun has a removable battery.

On the other hand, Hypervolt doubled battery life when the G3 Pro was used. The Bluetooth Hypervolt massager boasts a 3-hour battery life with minor upgrades and is easily replaceable.


Since Hypervolt massagers’ batteries last longer than Theragun Pro’s, they are superior and more desirable in all battery-related aspects.

Speed theragun vs hypervolt:

Speed plays a significant role in the effectiveness and percussion of massage guns. Strokes per minute are a standard unit of measurement for the percussive massage gun’s rate. A faster-moving massager expresses a more intense massage.
Five different speeds are implemented into the Theragun Pro and Elite. The speed controls have wholly transformed due to Bluetooth integration and app connectivity. Through the software in Theragun Pro, Prime, and Elite, you can select a speed setting that falls between 1750 and 2400 PPM (Percussions per minute).
Hypervolt massagers without Bluetooth have three-speed settings that can move up to 3200 PPM. Even so, Bluetooth Hypervolt can also be connected to the app, but the speed control of Theragun is not particularly impressive.

The three-speed Hypervolt massage guns have different speed ranges, while Theraguns feature improved speed controls.

Performance theragun vs hypervolt:

Huge muscles like the glutes, hamstrings, and quads are capable of handling the Hypervolt Plus’s higher-intensity settings. Smaller muscles, such as the calves, require lighter pressure and lower amounts of tension. Massagers appreciate that your body responds to vibrations in various ways depending on the receptors in your brain, mainly if you have never used one. The Hypervolt Plus connects Bluetooth to the Hyperice app to enable programmed speed control. Additionally, Hypervolt has taken great care to ensure that all its products operate quietly.
Theragun PRO, however, is more intense and can be handled by stronger muscles like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. However, smaller muscles, such as the calves, carry less intensity. Theragun Pro comes with the Therabody app, which enables you to repeat the vibrations at any tempo between 1052 and 2400 percussions per minute. Despite their best efforts, this brand’s products still generate a lot of noise. It also comes with four head attachments, which is another issue.
Dominant: Due to its intensity, attachments, and angles, Theragun Pro is the most appropriate weapon.

Speed setting theragun vs hypervolt:

Hypervolt’s power of 3,200 percussions per minute is swift compared to a typical massage pistol. Additionally, the device may spin upward at three different rates. Therefore, you must go back to “high” and “off” to shift to a different speed.
Theragun G3Pro, on the other hand, has received significant accolades for its innovative pressure sensor design. The device has a power of 60 pounds and beats at a rate of 40 beats per second. Additionally, it is available in motion ranges ranging from 1700 to 2400 PPM. The massage gun’s speed choices let you choose any velocity.

Dominant: Hypervolt is incredibly rapid and offers a range of speed options.

Head attachments hyper volt vs theragun

The Ragun massager currently offers more attachment heads. These attachments, explicitly created for percussion massage, can meet essential needs.

However, the Theragun elite’s head attachments are entirely different in shape from those of its other partners while having the same number of them. Theragun massage heads are designed to weaken the percussion. Theraguns help treat sciatica, knots, and aching muscles.

The Hypervolt device, on the other hand, has the exact numerical count, but a different design. Athletes pick Hypervolt and Hypervolt because of the head attachments of Hypervolt, which alter the depth of percussion fitness.
Dominant: The five massage heads included in the Hypervolt model are superior for maintaining various muscle regions’ health.

Unique features hypervolt vs theragun

characteristics that are particular volt vs theragun
The gadgets from Theragun’s 4th generation feature specific distinctive highlights. A power metre and an OLED/LED presentation are two.

Theragun Pro, Elite, and Prime’s ability to sync with the Therabody app is its distinguishing feature. The Therabody app has a large selection of pre-built routines for various muscle groups and specific conditions. These qualities enhance personalised percussion but don’t cause a dramatic change in the fundamental percussion.

While Hypervolt lacks Theragun’s great features, it does include oddities like Bluetooth and app control. Although the Theragun app has more control functions than either Hypervolt, they are less in quantity. The pressure sensor is also accessible to physical therapists. A pressure sensor and foam rollers control guided massage on different body areas.
Dominant: Theragun’s unique properties make it far superior to Hypervolt for percussion therapy.

Price hypervolt vs theragun:

Price comparison between Hypervolt and Theragun: It’s difficult to ignore that Theragun PRO costs more than the other massagers. Their body Theragun costs $200 more than Hyperice Hypervolt since it includes a carrying case and an additional battery.
Hypervolt, however, only costs $399 because you don’t get any extras. However, your total expenditure would be $528 if you were able to purchase the final components, such as the battery and carrying bag.
Since each of these companies provide excellent features for the body’s fitness, there isn’t a clear winner among them. It depends on your budget there.

Vibration vs percussion

Theragun is only a percussion treatment massage gun. Such a massage tool offers a firm and powerful sensation that punctures your tissues for rapid and thorough healing. Theragun Pro is an excellent solution if you want to relieve muscular tension or pain in your legs or back. Theragun Pro offers an amazing deep-tissue massage and efficiently targets 90% of your hard-to-reach areas.
The Hypervolt massager, on the other hand, is suitable for vibration massage therapy. This machine offers 3,200 pulses per minute while maintaining a smooth, soft surface for body massaging. The Hypervolt massage gun is the clear winner for a warm-up massage. The Hypervolt is significantly more delicate and doesn’t function the best for bodily issues like muscular discomfort or cramping.

Theragun vs. Hypervolt final idea

For percussion therapy, Hypervolt and Theragun are the best massage guns currently available. They have particular qualities, including performance, portability, and versatility. However, it is also true that both products have a lot of benefits and a few minor downsides. Everything is covered in detail, including battery life, performance, portability, speed, technology, build quality, and design.
There is a sizable pricing disparity, though. Theragun is pricey because of its high quality and convenient layout for efficient deep tissue therapy. Contrarily, Hypervolt is less expensive and has a durable design that lasts longer. The decision thus depends on your needs and financial constraints.
Frequently asked questions about theragun vs hypervolt:

What is a massage gun?

You receive percussive therapy from a massage gun. Usually, when you receive a deep tissue massage from a skilled therapist, your muscles receive the same care. This treatment has been shown to reduce pain or soreness following rigorous exercise and aid in your recovery so that you may return to the gym.
Beyond their comfort, massage guns are designed to deliver the benefits of percussive therapy in a short period, so you will only need to spend a short time with your massage gun and not hours on a massage table with your therapist.

What are the health benefits of using a massage gun?

Using a massage gun has several benefits, including

Mood satisfaction

a Reduced Pulse

Quicker muscle recovery

Improved Blood Flow

Pain Relieving

Prevention of injury

Destroy Lactic Acid

Boost Blood Flow

Activate the neurological system and muscles

How does a massage gun work?

Athletes typically desire deep tissue therapy to reduce discomfort and hasten recovery. A skilled masseuse gives a firm thump to a specific body area to revive a particular muscle posture. Thanks to percussion therapy, humans can do penetrative tissue massage on themselves without using a massage gun. Furthermore, it is claimed that these devices provide hours’ worth of massage benefits in just minutes.

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