What Is The Most Popular Nails Shape In 2020

Nails Shape

When you flatter your nails with the best nail colours and designs, your nails will look even better, when you united with the right nails shape, your hands and fingers. It will appear even more impressive as your nail silhouette not only compliments your nail design but also flatters your nails.

Twelve fascinating nail shapes have developed since nail enhancement, and nail polish became available for those who want to have their nails done at home or in a salon. Now you can choose from the most conventional of the oval, almond, round and square nails, as well as the most daring and unusual nail shapes like a squoval, ballerina (also known as stiletto), coffin and nail shapes—Mountain, torch, brim and lipstick.

Which of These Nails Shape Do You Think Will Best Suit Your Hands?

Oval Nails

Oval Shape

These are the egg-shaped nails that are perfect for short and inclusive nail beds. It is long and slightly tapering from the nail bed to the tip of the nail. It is more similar to almond-shaped nails, but with a softer, blunt end. It makes with those who have long fingernails.

Almond Shaped Nails

Nails with thinner sides with tapered and rounded tips define almond-shaped pins. This nifty and beautiful nail shape is ideal for long nails and is perfect for those with tinny nail beds. Even if you have short fingers, you can still keep your nails longer and let them take that elegant nail shape.

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Circular Shaped Nails

For those with short or round fingers, this nail shape is the best choice. It follows the natural contour of your fingers. Rounding off your nails will make them look longer. It is the most preferred choice for those who do not have a lot of time to devote to a hair salon. It’s pretty easy to do and maintain, even if this is your first time trying to polish your nails.

Square Nails

Square Shape

Square Nails is perfect for the classic French manicure. It’s a bold statement and creates muscular flanks and cut perpendicular to the side walls. The pins also have sharp, rounded tips. This nail shape makes smaller nail beds shorter and broader. It is best for short, narrow nails and long fingers. Those with thin hands, long slender fingers will love this nail shape. It’s easy to maintain and a perfect choice for those who find going to the salon a burden or having their nails done more often. It looks neat but fashionable. This nail shape makes the nails stronger so they won’t break easily.

Stiletto Shaped Nails

It is a shape with pointed tips (more drastic than almond nails) and quite long. If you need your nails to stand out truly, you can always have this nail shape. Just make sure you don’t do anything that will require you to use your hands other than flaunting them. It is a current nail shape for those who work in the entertainment industry. On the nail polish, you will see several unique nail designs that make the nail an eye-catcher.

Coffin / Ballerina Shaped Nails

Nails in this shape are long, thin, and tapered at the end to take the form of a coffin or ballerina. It’s chic and sophisticated, but it makes with long, solid nails.

 Squoval Shaped Nails

Squoval Shape

It is a combination of the defined and more robust square nail and the more delicate oval pin. The curved part of the nails with this shape is not too round or sharp. Instead, it’s flattering enough for all hand shapes and sizes and perfect for the new age woman looking for strength and flexibility with a touch of classic femininity.

Flare Shaped Nails

This nail shape, also known as duckbill nails, flickers up and down at the tip of the nail. Its wide flare at the top makes it look like a duck’s bill, hence the name.

Nails in The Shape Of A Mountain Peak

The mountain peak shaped nails resemble stiletto nails, only shorter and sharper than the former. It’s the perfect choice for a bold look. However, this is done correctly with artificial nail extensions.

Sharp Nails

This nail shape is similar to arrow-shaped nails, only with shorter, less trustworthy nail tips. Many find it to be an exciting nail shape. It looks like a three-dimensional design because it is composed of a free edge made up of two planes to form a V-shaped surface towards the tip of the nail.

Lipstick Shaped Nails

You can guess. The name comes from the outline of the nail, which resembles a newly opened lipstick case. This unconventional nail shape works best for those with thin fingers. It hides the large palms and makes the short fingers appear longer.

Arrowhead-Shaped Nails

Arrow Shape

This nail shape is also similar to the pen but has a shorter, softer tip. The silhouette is more like an arrowhead.


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