Are Scrunchies Better For Your Hair Than Hair Ties


Hairbands are slowly fading out of style, and rubber bands are making a comeback. Hair ties are suitable for any hair, long, short, thin or thick. There are many reasons a scrunchies can be your best friend, and we want to tell you why! If you’ve never tried tying your hair up with a hair elastic, we recommend trying it at least once. You could fall in love and become an accumulator! There are patterns and colours for everyone and every occasion. You can make one in any setting; it’s an extremely versatile accessory to have. We want to turn all of these headband wearers into elastic obsesses, and here are four reasons.


Anyone who has ever worn a tie has known the pain of pulling this bad boy off with a stray piece of hair and a curl in your luscious hair. Headbands can seriously damage your hair, and over time it just doesn’t look right. If you wanted to throw away elastic bands but don’t know what to wear instead, an elastic band is an answer! Hair ties have less tension than a link but can grab three times more hair. They don’t leave nicks in your hair and are super soft. Why don’t hair ties damage your hair? A scrunchie is making from an elastic band hidden in a tube of fabric that adds a layer between an elastic band and your hair.

That is the main reason why hair is less damaged when worn. Most hair damage occurs during the time the hair is wet or damp. So always wait until it is scorching before generally styling it. When you tie your hair with elastic bands, it’s not just about the selection. For thin or short hair, the best option is to use a smaller coat adjustable as this will have a better hold and will keep your hairstyle longer and more stable. For thick or long hair, a more enormous, fluffier hair tie is sufficient! Big bangs are great for gathering significant amounts of hair and can even secure charges well enough for a full day without adjusting.

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2. Scrunchies Are More Accessible Than Rubber Bands


You are lying when you say you see a loved one in almost no fashion/clothing store these days. Rubber bands are everywhere, and we’re so excited! They are becoming more popular, and one reason is that they are cute but also very affordable. Visit your local accessories or clothing store, and there are at least a few options for you. You can again buy online. Our sand and scarves online shop has a range of beautiful elastic bands for all styles. The fact that headbands are harder to find these days is likely due to the recurring trends of the 80s and the new twist headband accessories that are healthier for your hair and better for the environment. Just think of how many rubber bands you could lose and trade in a full year and how many rubber bands you would lose. Proof of this is that you probably still have two headbands from the pack of 30 that you bought three months ago, but you still have the black silk headband that you purchased a year ago that didn’t have it. Never leaves you disappointed! If you store your rubber bands properly, they can last for years!

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Where do the headbands come from? Well, a man named Philips E. Meyers had the idea for a darling in 1963, but it failed in the 1960s. The trend continued until singer and pianist Rommy Revson, looking for a less harmful way to style her hair instead. Use abrasive rubbers. She shaped the scrunchie, and in 1987 it was original. For this particular hair accessory, the late 80s and 90s were the best time to be alive, and it was abridging too. Although it’s a prop that is widely used by women around the world and by many celebrities in film and television, the trend went back to the early 2000s after sleeping on it for about a decade in 2015-2017, according to stars Loving Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have restarted it. Now, in 2020, we can safely say that the darling will stay here, at least for one more. A simple black hair tie can be balancing with any style and while it is inevitable to be worn on the hair, wearing a hair tie on the wrist is a trend too. In 2019, Jason Mamoa made a style statement with a scrunchie. We probably haven’t seen the end of the scrunchie yet!


There are thousands of scrunchie options, and even if you have a very distinct style, there is a scrunchie named after you. You can find bohemian, monochromatic, light, patterned, and simple hair ties for every hair type or style. Our favourite way to attire a scrunchie is on a messy high bun.

However, here are five ways to wear the scrunchie on your hair:

Messy Bun: Roughly gather your hair towards the top of the head, leaving away the bangs or some loose strands of hair on the front of the face. Secure it with a large or medium scrunchies and adjust how messy you want the bun to be!

Braid: Braid your hair to one side and tie your braid with a small or small elastic band to add volume to your braid. Puff up the edges once you’re ready for that Rapunzel look.

High Ponytail: Use your hairbrush to create a neat and elegant high pony and secure the pony with your favourite scrunchy. This style won’t leave a knot in your hair either!

Half Up Half Down: You can tie half your hair into a pony or a bun. However, start with this style by running your fingers overhead to a part of your bun or bangs. Use your scrunchie to tie up and finish the look!

Messy Low Pony: We honey this look for the lazy girl in us! Pleat your hair at the back of your head and wrap your scrunchie twice. Blow up the face to make it more beautiful and voila!

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