Pleated Skirt The Never-Ending Trend And Some Of Its Dynamic Styles

Pleated Skirt


Midi skirts have dominated the fashion scene in recent seasons and will continue to do so in spring. Pleated skirts were all the rage, but they’re probably more stylish than ever this season. I think this is very much because the wrinkle trend is growing worldwide and pleated dresses, pants, blouses and even scarves are becoming increasingly popular. This kind of cement the condition of the pleated skirt as it is probably the most common pleated garment. It also appears in a fashion quite frequently and is prevalent in the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, and 2010. The feather of the pleated skirt is complete of more transparent materials. Leather is also famous for its more daring appearance. Standard colours are blush, navy, olive, black, camel, and a few pastel colours here and there. Pleated skirts are mostly midi length, but some maxi and knee lengths are popular options too.

Pleated spring

How To Vogue Them

I think having a pleated midi skirt is a must! Sure, the garment can look pretty preppy, but choosing leather or black midi skirt would add a bit of balance to the garment. The thing about midi lengths is that they can look pretty straightforward when there’s no structure. The architectural style of the pleats gives the garment the necessary configuration. Since the piece itself is “intricate,” it’s easy enough to create a classy yet simple outfit by adding a plain white tee, denim shirt, or blouse if you want it more stylish. I like the midi skirt best when the top is wholly or partially make known to in the front. Wearing the pleated skirt at the waist instead of the hips will also help your outfit by emphasizing your waistline. You can also make a belt if you want to enhance the look further. Sneakers can be a comfortable and modern alternative, but so can boots!

Pleated Skirt’s Most dynamic Styles

Flowery Pleated Skirt

Do you fancy vintage or old school? A floral pleated skirt suits the mood. Go for a blouse in a neutral colour (like black) to keep the dress in the limelight. Please keep it simple, fold it in and finish with a body-hugging bun. Attire neutral makeup but using a bronzer to make your face stand out. Kitten heels or sandals with ankle straps are the ideal shoe options here.

Flower Pleated Skirt

Dramatic Pleated Skirt

Do you need to attend a party? Choose a pleated ball gown skirt that swells to create a beautiful silhouette and go further without going overboard. Choose a bridle neck silk blouse, tuck it in, and enhance a thick belt to balance it out—sporty peep-toes and a great bag that matches the look.

Dramatic Pleated Skirt

Royal Blue Pleated Skirt With Ruffles

Be majestic and elegant in this royal blue ruffled pleated skirt. Keep it humble with a simple black tank top or pair it with a pastel sequin top with brown lipstick, an oversized tan, bun hair and high heels.

Pleated Mini Skirt

Can it be leaner, thinner, and slimmer? A pleated mini skirt with an oversized turtleneck, over-the-knee boots, a large handbag, a low bun, red lipstick, neutral makeup and no accessories. Please try this!

Pleated Mini Skirt

Street Style Inspiration

I love the usage of colours and designs in the first outfit, very stylish to contrast the blazer with the wrinkles. The second look is pretty sporty as the black leather jacket enhances the face of the neon skirt. Very classic for a white shirt with a pleated skirt in the third look. I love the colours that the skirt is a style of. White heart-shaped sunglasses add a fun touch! The vinyl skirt in the fourth outfit is good (hehe, I might as well have one!) And I love how the plain white t-shirt makes it more wearable. The final look is relatively modern with the beige colour of the pleated skirt and the puffed sleeves of the blouse. An extreme example of how you can habit your colour choices to make this look more modern yet timeless!

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