10 Summer Wedding Hairstyles

10 Summer Wedding Hairstyles

If you’re organizing a summer wedding, you might consider chic, simple summer wedding hairstyles to complement your bridal look. Certain styles can be uncomfortable to wear during the hotter months. Consider your selections carefully and pick a light, airy style because hair can quickly get limp and perspire. You don’t have to give up your ideal wedding attire, either! Check out these eleven hairstyles that are ideal for a wedding in the summer.

Fishtail or Waterfall Braids

Braided wedding hairstyles are a terrific way to integrate some attractive features while keeping your hair out of your face if you prefer to wear it down on your big day. A waterfall braid is a distinctive, classy twist that holds back the front parts and permits loose curls on the ends. If you prefer a longer, more voluminous braid that includes more of your hair, a fishtail braid is a contemporary, fashionable option.

Add a few little hairpins or other embellishments for a finished, polished style that keeps your hair out of the way all day.

Accoutered Updo

Each season, a bride can look beautiful with an updo. You may dress them up with subtle accents or standout items while remaining cool and at ease. Your updo will stay in place all day if you use a good hair spray, so you won’t need to bother about touch-ups. Human hair extensions can provide extra volume for a dramatic, romantic look, or choose a subtle, delicate chignon. In either case, enhancing your outfit with accessories is a simple standout approach. Add some flowers or greenery for the perfect, unforced summer look.

Aquatic Waves

Beachy mermaid waves are one of the most effortlessly beautiful long hairstyles. Use hot rollers or consult with your stylists to give your style a laid-back summer vibe with long, sweeping curls that are simple to accomplish and maintain. Pull a few pieces back from the front of your face for a simple, eye-catching style.


Summertime ponytail styling is a terrific method to show off natural hair and keep it away from your neck and shoulders. This adaptable style gives any bride a lively, young appeal and can be dressed up or down. Let your natural curls stand out, add extensions, or distribute them all over your head, from top to bottom.

Cobbled Crown

A braid is ideal for a boho wedding and a carefree, sunny appearance. Also, it prevents your hair from falling into your eyes during the day and night. It pairs perfectly with various dresses and is quite simple to accessorize.

Half-Down, Half-Up

Half-up and half-down hairstyles are traditional for brides. With this look, you may explore natural texture, loose curls, and more while keeping the hair out of your face and adding some detail. For a summery look, braid the front ends of the hair intricately or pin it with some flowers. A flower crown or some organic greens go perfectly with this look.

Glitzy Waves

The red carpet has recently become a fashionable place to wear old Hollywood elegance. Dramatic, thick curls are frequently worn with some texture and intricacy. The hair is pulled back from the face to enhance volume and highlight jewellery like necklaces and earrings. This is the perfect option for a bride who wants some classic romanticism without having her hair in her face.

Chignon or Low Bun

Any bride will look elegant with a low bun. This look is simple to maintain throughout the day and can be decorated almost whatever you wish. Try tucking a floral comb or other hair accessory just above your bun for a straightforward, charming summer style.

Choppy, brief waves

A few tidy, textured waves provide an effortless, young style for brides with shorter hair. It’s simple to style and a terrific option for brides who are low maintenance and don’t want to bother about touch-ups all day. A few small curls with a 1-inch barrel create a light, airy style that will keep you at ease and fashionable on your special day.

Side braid or ponytail

Hairstyles for brides with a little extra length and volume can be a loose, relaxed side braid or ponytail. Even if you lack the distance, adding human hair extensions may create a stunning, natural-looking hairstyle for your wedding. Add a grass stem or some fresh flowers behind the ear to finish this summery look.

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