Getting your eyelashes done by a lash expert once every month or two takes up a lot of time and money. Lash extensions may cost more than $200 for each treatment, which is quite expensive. Eyelash extension may cost upwards of $200 for every visit to the lash specialist, which may cause you to reevaluate whether they are truly worth the money. However, how can you return to natural lashes after having experienced the beauty of eyelash extensions?

THANKFULLY, the DIY eyelash extension kit is another way to obtain the best of both worlds. If you love the appearance and want the ease of eyelash extensions but don’t want to spend $200 a month on them, eyelash extension kits are great. Right now, a variety of eyelash extension kits are available on the market, and we’re here to assist you through them all to simplify your life. We’ll tell you about three of the best eyelash extension kits. You’ll be prepared to finally bid farewell to pricey lash technician sessions once you’ve read this post and know which services are the best.

1. Lashify

This DIY eyelash extension kit appears to be the most popular choice. The eyelash extension kits sold by the company Lashify aren’t your typical eyelashes. Lashify lashes may be worn several times instead of just once and then discarded. They can last for 7 to 10 days. If you follow these easy instructions, the lashes from Lashify eyelash extension kits will last a long time. However, you must carefully remove and clean them as soon as you take them off if you want to reuse them.

The cost and value of DIY eyelash extension kits may be a major deciding factor if you’re considering switching from conventional lash extensions. The Lashify Control Kit costs $145, but it doesn’t contain only lashes. Each package also comes with a free sample of their washing and removing products, two sets of lash extensions, black and clear lash bonding glue, a finishing coat, silicone lash guards, and a storage case for your lashes.

One of these Lashify eyelash extensions kits costs just $145, but getting one pair of lashes from the salon may cost you over $200. We believe the kit is well worth the money, given how long the lashes will last you and the amount and calibre of the other components. Order a Lashify Control Kit and give them a try to decide for yourself if you believe they’re worth the money or not.

2. Flutter Behaviour

We looked at other eyelash extension kits, and Flutter Habit is another company that caught our attention. Salon-quality lash extensions from Flutter Habit may last up to five days. Each eyelash extension kit costs a reasonable $30 and comes with six pairs of lashes. If you want to stay on a strict budget and are ready to purchase a somewhat lower-quality item, the Flutter Habit lashes might be a suitable option for you.

Because the Flutter Habit eyelash extension kits are so reasonably priced and widely available, we adore them. They lack bonding glue and extra equipment and don’t appear as immaculate and natural as the Lashify extension kits. However, in most cases, you get what you pay for, and we believe that with Flutter Habit expansion kits, you’re getting excellent value for your money.

3.Lavender St.

The Lilac St. Simple Starter Kit is the third and last eyelash extensions kit discussed in this post. The least expensive of all the kits we’ve covered is this one, which costs $25. You can use as many or as few lash clusters as you choose because each kit contains 20. Each package includes a lash application tool and clear lash adhesive, saving you money on buying those items individually. Extensions from Lilac Street are incredibly simple to apply and can last up to a week. Look at Lilac St. lashes if you’re seeking DIY eyelash extension kits on a tight budget.


The Lashify Control Kits are, without a doubt, our favourite of the three eyelash extension kits we discussed today. With Lashify, you can get salon-calibre lash extensions from the convenience of your home and for a much lower price. We advise you to research each of these companies separately to discover the eyelash extension kit that best suits your requirements.