Types of Jeans Every Girl Should Own


Nothing, we mean that nothing can ever replace good jeans. When you talk about variety there is a dizzying array of fits and styles, but we get what it looks like with jeans. We stick with the ones we love and they become the workhorse of our wardrobe, regardless of all the amazing styles. That’s why they are one of the best-worn items in our closet. They can be easily dressed up or down are comfortable to wear, and those who don’t feel comfortable in it have yet to find their perfect pair. At the same time, it won’t really work for style-conscious women to depend on just one pair of it. We don’t recommend going for everything trendy, but the following 6 shouldn’t be avoided at all costs.

The Beau jeans:

Not having beau jeans in your wardrobe seems like a mistake. They are very fashionable and essential. They are cool, chic, a little stripped down with a touch of masculinity. Wear them until tonight and when you meet your girls and let the world take note of your amazing style. Now you don’t really have to steal your beau anymore because you can have your own.

Skinny Type Jeans:

Loved by all jeans lovers, skinniest never go out of style. Summer, autumn, winter or spring, you can still style them to get the results you want. Wear them with plain t-shirts, a button-down shirt, sweaters, and anything that’s always chic and trendy.

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Flash Type Jeans:

We understood; Not everyone is lucky enough to have long, slender legs, but that’s no excuse to remove those gorgeous jeans from your wardrobe. Flash are one of the most exciting things that can happen to your basic, and the great thing is that they are all the rage again. Wear them with feminine blouses and give these a modern touch.

Gray color Jeans:

Not everyone likes Gray jeans and there are good reasons for that. They are challenging to carry and you have to be very careful where you sit so as not to smear them. Still, it’s wonderful to have one in your closet. They are chic, fresh and offer the essential change from blue and black of it. Pair it with a striped or bright crop top for the perfect summer look.

Little type jeans:

Those of you who can’t do little and cropped jeans are here to add to your excitement. Fresh and elegant, they are ideal for wearing summer or winter. Pair them with ankle boots or scrappy sandals to stay focused on your shoes and still look great.

Dark color jeans:

While they aren’t the first choice for jeans lovers, your wardrobe will be incomplete if you don’t have Dark jeans with you. They are adaptable and can be paired with a range of different tops and tees to give you a chic and refined look. A great thing about it is that you can mix and match them with possibly any print, color or pattern. If you want the best result with it, choose a slim fit for a clean and elegant look.

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