How can I make my wardrobe more elegant?


Isn’t it time your wardrobe reflected your personal and professional growth?

To some young professional men, style may seem like an alien concept, something they only hear about from their female counterparts, see on TV or read in a magazine.

And for some, a fashion upgrade seems like a leap forward. Nothing is further from the truth. If you want to revise your style to reflect your boy-to-man growth, you don’t have to make too many drastic changes.

Here are some stylish tips to get you started.

Take stock of what you have

The first step is to take a close look at your wardrobe. Your aim here would be to eliminate clothes that you no longer wear and clothes that no longer reflect your current stage in life.

A good rule of thumb is to remove worn clothing, have holes or tears, have lost color, or have non-removable stains.

As for the other remaining clothes, separate those that are in your heavy rotation and those that you only use occasionally. For the latter, put them in a box. Write the current date in this field. You donate whatever you got in that box after a year.

Now one can decide what to use for the future or what pieces need to be your wardrobe.

Get help from a tailor

There are likely a few fragments in your wardrobe that are a size or two larger. You can always keep them in your closet. All you have to do is go to your local tailor and ask them to rearrange these parts to your current measurements.

However, in addition to asking your tailor to change the clothes you currently own, you can also bring the dresses you recently purchased.


Invest in what matters

Once you know which pieces are missing from your wardrobe, now is the time to turn your attention to getting them. These essential or fundamental items are items of clothing that you frequently use during the workweek, such as B. Your Brooks Brothers shirts.

The centerpieces you need to add to your wardrobe depending on several things. First and foremost, your basic ensemble determines your style as well as the industry you are in now. Second, you want to invest your hard-earned money in high-quality coins. Find a reliable brand, and don’t be afraid to make critical investments.

Interchangeability is a useful concept in building your primary clothing rotation. Invest in clothes you can mix and match for more flexibility and even more savings in the long run.

Add a sports jacket to your wardrobe

One of the easiest and fastest ways to improve your style is to wear a sports jacket. You can wear a jacket also in casual clothes.

The key here is to find the right part that suits you well, highlight your body’s strengths, and hide its weak points.

Think monochrome

In fashion, monochromatic means that your top and underwear are the same color. The right colors can send a robust non-verbal signal.

For example, a dark blue dominant outfit makes you look younger, while dark gray creates a professional vibe.

Mind your investments

The advantage of choosing quality over quantity of clothing is that you can save more money in the long run.

However, to achieve this goal, you must learn to take care of your capital goods.

For starters, that means you can learn how to wash clothes properly and to have your wetsuit dry cleaned. It also implies taking care of your shoes.

Modernize your kicks

It’s relatively simple to fall into the sneakers trap – they’re relaxed and comfortable. However, if you want a more professional vibe, consider swapping out your sneakers for more sophisticated but equally stylish options.

For example, you might want to invest in some stylish shoes for the workweek. For casual Fridays or meetings, you can wear casual leather shoes. Backup your running shoes and sneakers for the gym and hang out with your friends.

Stand out with a signature piece

Even the smallest detail can differentiate you from your competition. In this case, it is your signature piece.

A signature piece can be anything that sets your style above others. It can be a little piece of jewelry like a ring or cufflinks, a watch, or a pocket square.

How do you find your signature piece? Initially, make sure you are using an item that you will safely carry. You may also want to consider something that is out of the way, like a cardigan with an unusual pattern or a shirt that will contrast nicely with your suit.

A simple but often overlooked piece of signature is a clock. You can easily stand out from a sleek watch when most of your coworkers rely on their smartphones to tell the time.

Take small steps for wardrobe

It may seem difficult or even impractical to remodel your wardrobe right away.

Instead of taking a giant leap, it’s best to slowly add critical pieces to your wardrobe, which means shying away from cheap clothing so that you have the money to buy bullion coins.

Prepare for triumph

Changing your style, or even improving yourself, doesn’t happen overnight, and it isn’t easy for most people either.

You can set yourself up for triumph by putting yourself in situations where you’re supposed to be at your best. It can be so easy to take the lead in meetings or join organizations focused on your profession. Make sure to attract the role of a confident and booming person.

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