How to Cut Your Own Hair In This Pandemic

Own Hair Cut

The 2020 lock down banned our visits to the show. You can clean facial hair (including upper lips), wax, manicure, and even pedicure, but How to Cut Your Own Hair.

You can’t deny that you need a haircut. Almost a month has passed, and your hair has reportedly grown out enormously. Right? But you may have worry figuring out how to cut your hair.

You can do any DIY, from making a hair tie to dyeing your shirt. So why not a DIY haircut?

The fear for your head is probably related to its downfall. They will say, “I am not a professional hairdresser.” “My hand shakes when I lift a pair of scissors.” “I might have to lose all my hair if I make a mistake.” “Will this look good?” “I can do this?”

Hey brother, stop! You can also cut your hair (with precision). Sure, it doesn’t look as good as your stylist, but you’ll still learn something new, and, most importantly, it’s better to cut your hair than nothing.

Enough talking, let’s get down to business.

You will find tutorials on how to cut hair on your own, from cutting the split ends to the makeover. Attention!

What do you need for a haircut?

Hair clippers

Hair ties

Water sprayer


Rattail comb

1. How do I cut split ends?

If you don’t want to risk styling the haircut, just cut the split ends so that any damaged hair is gone and hair can grow back healthily.

That’s the easiest. Comb your hair, take an edge of the unit and roll it down. Remember that split ends can never roll. The parts that protrude from the wire rod are bitty ends.

Cut them, being careful not to cut the hair. Repeat the process. Go slowly and concentrate!

2. How do I cut hair in long layers?

Getting long shifts is a little tricky, but don’t worry! You will go with our guide. Unique hairstyles can be overwhelming, but with the right steps, you can achieve a professional look one way or another.

Step 1:

Wet your hair and brush it. The next step is to determine the length of your hair. You have to division your hair into two segments: the lower and the upper. Tie the top with a hair elastic

Now take half of the hair from the right side and the other half from the left side. The next step is to divide the section back into two fragments: the top and the bottom.

Step 2:

Gently brush the bottom section and grasp the hair with your index and middle fingers. Slide it down, hold it in place, and cut your hair diagonally. Please recheck the form.

Repeat for the left side. Then work with the tops on both sides. In this step, you have determined the most extended hair length.

The layers have the sections in the hair, and the top layer is shorter and increases with each fragment.

Step 3:

Time to add another section to the level, which should be shorter than the lower area. You must follow the same steps as the previous ones.

Step 4:

As you add the final section to the layer, don’t forget to frame your face. When working with the top or end section, start with the top of the segment. Make sure the length states your look entirely and cut the rest off with this measurement.

Use it to cut the hair on the other side as well. Then the final step is to dry and smooth. That will allow you to find and fix the error.

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3. How do I cut hair with Unicorn Style?

When cutting your hair, you need methods that are quick and easy. One of them is “Unicorn Style.” This style allows you to cut your hair straight or deep V.

Wet it as usual and brush your hair first. Flip your hair back forward, then tie a ponytail on top of your forehead. While doing this, make sure the hair is right there on the sides, and the center is in place.

Now brush the ponytail and place it parallel to your forehead. The bangs should be flat and the lower hair on top and vice versa. It should look like a unicorn’s horn

Now the hair can be cut. If you walk straight, cut your hair directly from the bottom and keep the scissors parallel to your face.

For a deep V cut, you need to cut diagonally at a sharp angle. And that’s it!

4. How to cut short hair?

Humidity or summer can make you feel like your hair is an existence cut. So here is a tutorial to help you cut your hair. A bob cut!

Step 1:

Part the hair in the middle, and after brushing it properly, tie the two sides of the fragment. Now tie another hair elastic at the required distance. That is the brand you will be cutting your hair. Make sure it is the same on both sides.

Step 2

Cut the hair from the elastic with highlights. Open your hair and make sure it is the same length. Straighten hair for perfect results; if there is excess hair, cut it short.

5. How to cut bangs?

Did you finish the cut? And now you want bangs? Come on, and we are going to teach you how to cut the front bangs easily.

First, measure the part of your forehead where you need the bangs first, then use some rat tail extract to comb the rest of your fairy and tie it behind it.

Now take a fancy comb and make the top part of the bangs area and pin it in place. First, we’re going to work on the front of the pony. It shouldn’t be more comprehensive than the arch of your face.

The next step is to trim the bangs, make sure they are straight, and then use the tips of the scissors to smooth the edges and gradually cut them.

It is time to work on it. Lower there down and repeat the same process. Once the cut is complete, blow-dry the hair and look for uneven strands. If you find any, cut them.

Get a makeover during the embargo:

So these are the hairstyles to try at home to help beat the COVID blues. These are all complete, and easy haircut hacks to perform. After that, you might want to sign up for some trendy hairstyles, nail art, and even style ideas. Get ready right now with our numerous articles on fashion and makeover. Stay home, stay safe, and take care of us.


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