The Belkyra’s History

The Belkyra's History

A non-surgical cosmetic procedure called Belkyra is used to lessen the appearance of a double chin. Over time, it has gained popularity as more and more individuals turn to it as a therapy for this widespread issue. Belkyra has its history and roots, which we shall examine in this essay, similar to all cosmetic procedures.

Introduction of Deoxycholic Acid

The discovery of deoxycholic acid marks the beginning of the Belkyra saga. The body produces this acid naturally, which is what causes the breakdown of fat cells. The ability of this acid to target and eliminate fat cells in particular bodily regions was discovered by scientists. The theory was that injecting deoxycholic acid into areas of excess fat would break down the fat cells and reduce the size of the area overall.

A new category of cosmetic procedures known as injectable fat dissolvers was created as a result of this finding. Deoxycholic acid, used in these procedures, breaks down fat cells in the thighs, belly, and double chin.

The Growth of Belkyra

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical business, created Belkyra. Since firm was established in 2005 to create cutting-edge cosmetic medicine treatments. After years of study and development, they created a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that could be used as a cosmetic therapy.

Belkyra’s FDA Approval

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized Belkyra in 2015 as a non-surgical method of treating submental or extra fat beneath the chin. For Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, this was a key turning point since it allowed Belkyra to be sold and marketed as a safe and effective medication.

Since then, several additional nations worldwide, including Canada, Australia, and numerous European nations, have legalized using Belkyra.

The Mechanism of Belkyra

Belkyra eliminates fat cells in the desired location by employing a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. Belkyra dissolves the fat cells when injected into the submental fat, after which the body processes and removes them.

Several injections are given as part of the therapy over several months. The quantity of fat that has to be eliminated and the specific patient will determine how many injections are necessary.

Advantages of Belkyra

Belkyra is superior to other non-surgical cosmetic procedures in several ways. First, it is a non-invasive procedure, leaving no scars or incisions behind. This is a huge advantage over invasive procedures like liposuction, which may be uncomfortable and take a long time to heal.

Second, Belkyra’s an area-specific therapy that exclusively targets the fat cells there. This implies that the muscles, nerves, and tissues nearby remain unaffected. This is another benefit over surgical procedures, which occasionally harm nearby tissues.

Thirdly, Belkyra’s an efficient and secure medication. According to clinical research, minimizing the appearance of a double chin is safe and efficient.

Belkyra’s Side Effects

Like many cosmetic procedures, Belkyra may have certain unwanted consequences. Though temporary swelling, bruising, and numbness in the treatment region are the most typical adverse effects. Most of the time, these side effects go away in a few days or weeks.

Rarely, people may develop more serious side effects, including impaired nerve function or difficulties swallowing. These adverse effects, however, are extremely uncommon and affect fewer than 1% of individuals.


A non-surgical cosmetic procedure called Belkyra has grown in popularity over time. It is a safe and efficient therapy with few adverse effects that eliminates fat cells in the targeted location using a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid.

The discovery of deoxycholic acid and the creation of injectable fat dissolvers are the antecedents of Belkyra. Likewise development and commercialization of this medication were crucially dependent upon Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, and the FDA’s approval of Belkyra in 2015 marked a critical turning point for the business.

Today, Belkyra is a well-liked and well-accepted procedure for minimizing the appearance of a double chin, and individuals worldwide looking for a secure and efficient remedy for this frequent issue continue to utilize it.

The outcomes of Belkyra, however, will differ from person to person and should not be considered a long-term fix. To secure the greatest outcomes and reduce the possibility of side effects, choosing a trained and experienced medical specialist for this therapy is crucial. Overall, the history of Belkyra serves as a testament to the continued work of scientists and researchers to create secure cosmetic procedures that may increase patients’ self-assurance and comfort in their skin. We may anticipate additional cutting-edge medicines, like Belkyra, to become available as technology and medical research progress.

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