How Long Should A Watercolour Tattoo Last?

How Long Should A Watercolour Tattoo Last?

Since watercolour tattoos have recently gained enormous popularity among tattoo lovers, many inquiries inevitably see. How quickly watercolour tattoos tend to fade seems to be one of the critical themes everyone is fascinated by.

Many critics believe that watercolour-style tattoos should never be practical because they cannot withstand the test of time, but the subject is more complicated than that.

What Are Tattoos In Watercolor?

The only distinctions between black and grey. The watercolour tattoos are the shading and colouring styles. The methods used to produce them. Watercolour tattoos are complete with the same tools as conventional colour tattoos.

In contrast to regular tattoos, watercolour tattoos usually have much more gradual colouring. Typically composed of multiple sections of solid colours combined to form one larger image. It is possible to get the desired aesthetic, which generally is to imitate the features of a traditional watercolour painting. By using modest gradients where the blending of colours is considerably less noticeable.

Another notable distinction is that almost all traditional tattoos have solid borders or outlines, but nearly all watercolour pieces have none. However, many tattoo artists artistically combine traditional and watercolour ideas to create tattoos that connect the two styles.

Common elements can be found in many popular watercolour designs, from paint splatter patterns to complete imitations of watercolour paintings.

How Soon Should A Tattoo Of A Watercolor Fade?

Many opponents of watercolour tattoos contend that because they are composed of very soft colours with no contrast, they will not last very long and will fade rapidly.

That is true, and lighter colours tend to fade faster than darker ones do. Still, a skilful tattoo artist may significantly reduce the possibility that watercolour tattoos will become unrecognizable as they age by applying an excellent black foundation layer to improve contrast.

Even if the lighter colours do start to fade, the tattooed skin will still be able to retain its skeleton, thanks to the precautions taken by the tattoo artists.

If it does fade, it will still seem much more like a tattoo and much less like a blurry patch of faded ink. It will also be much simpler for a tattoo artist to fix it up if you decide to give it another try and a new lease of life and vitality.

Another counterargument is that this type of body art is still relatively new; it uses to predict how older, more seasoned tattoos will look in 20 or 30 years.

Oh, and this isn’t something that will happen in a few months. Your watercolour tattoo shouldn’t fade in the first few years if your artist is a skilled professional. You take care of it and don’t mistreat it.

Your tattoo’s ink will likely gradually fade a few years later, just like every other type of tattoo (except maybe slightly quicker due to the lighter colouring).

I’ve even talked to tattoo artists whose clients have come back five years after having watercolour ink. And their skin still had the same brilliant colour as the day they got their tattoos. So remember that obtaining some tattoos in a watercolour style isn’t always a death wish for tattooing that will materialize a few years from now.

How To Postpone Fading Of A Watercolor Tattoo

As with all toner, there are approximately things you should do (and not do) to keep your tattoo looking as decent as possible for the duration of its life.

However, because watercolour tattoos are more delicate than more conventional tattoos. It is crucial to ensure you take appropriate care of them. If you’re considering having a watercolour tattoo. Want it to look fantastic for years and decades to come, the list of things you should consider doing (and not doing) follows:

Select The Best Artist

Ensure that the body art turns out precisely how you want. It would help if you went with a tattoo artist with a lot of expertise in this style and who is familiar with all the techniques—required. To ensure that the body art looks the greatest it can for as long as possible.

Don’t Just Choose The Cheapest Performer!

A less skilled tattoo artist may easily make a few mistakes that ultimately cause the tattoo to fade much more quickly than it would have if it had been in better hands when it was first every day.

Keep It Out Of The Sun

The sun will always be your tattoo’s wickedest enemy, whether watercolour or black and grey.

No matter what colour or design, exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight regularly will cause it to fade gradually over time.

Because your watercolour tattoo will be significantly lighter than the bulk of other traditional tattoos. You must avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.

Make sure to wear a high-strength sunscreen with SPF 30+ that contains zinc oxide to stop the most hazardous UV rays from zapping your tattoo when you need to flash your ink while out at the beach in the summer.

EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen Lotion is my preferred and most suggested sunscreen on tattoos.

This broad-spectrum sunscreen possesses all the qualities necessary to protect your tattoo incredibly effectively. keep it looking fresh and vivid. It has a good SPF rating of 50 and can withstand water and sweat for up to 80 minutes.

Most importantly, EltaMD doesn’t contain scents, oils, or parabens and is incredibly tattoo-friendly.

Avoid Rubbing

Any skin that is likely to rub easily, such as the max of your feet and buttocks, should not have watercolour tattoos.

Suppose you want to give your more delicate watercolour tattoo the best chance of lasting the test of time. In that case, you should consider placing it somewhere that isn’t going to be continually coming into contact with anything. Constant relief on any tattoo will cause it to disappear quicker than usual.


An excellent moisturizing moisturizer is crucial to prevent your skin from sagging, wrinkling, and ventilation.

To give your skin/tattoo the chance of healing rapidly, apply a high-quality moisturizer or tattoo lotion that is skin-sensitive. The fragrance-free during the healing period.

My favourite tattoo lotion is an aftercare item made of vegan ingredients called After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Lotion. In addition to keeping your tattoo incredibly well-hydrated during the healing period. This item also works wonders in relieving itching and irritation. This lotion will assist shorten tattoo healing timeframes and eliminate any excess dryness and scabbing if used right at the beginning of the healing process.

Keep applying a skin-hydrating moisturizer throughout your tattoo to help prevent fading and maintain its vibrant appearance.

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