What exactly is Smoky Eye Makeup?

What exactly is Smoky Eye Makeup?

To give the eyes a smokey appearance, dark eyeshadow hues are applied to both the upper and lower eyelids and then thoroughly blended. In today’s girls, eye makeup is a common trend.

Smoky eye makeup is thought to have originated around 400 BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. They primarily lined their eyelids in the shape of cats with kohl or naturally occurring black kajal, or occasionally they would smudge them for the smoky look. In reality, the stunning Cleopatra, who loved to appear her best, experimented with various beauty treatments, including kohl or liquid eyeliner.

Hollywood also adopted this pattern when movies were primarily produced in black and white in the early 1900s. Kareena Kapoor is the trend-setter for smokey eye makeup among Bollywood celebrities in our country. She has smokey eyes and has been stunning in several films.

Many girls and women follow these trends not to be left behind and can be seen sporting smudged eye makeup.

In the past, people used kajal to cover their eyes from the glaring sun because they believed it would protect them from the evil eye. But with time, it became increasingly frequently worn for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons.

Many businesses came in to produce various eyeliners and eye shadows as soon as eye adornment with kajal or other eye shadows became increasingly popular. These are mostly produced by Loreal, Lakme, Mac, and other brands in India and outside.

Smokey-Eyed Appearance

The smokey-eyed appearance is popular not only in India but also internationally.

When a person’s eyes are exquisitely decorated with smokey looks, one of the first things people notice about them, their personality is immediately improved. Smudged eyewear and bright, gorgeous eyes will stick out in a crowd and exude confidence.

This eye-catching trend is appropriate for any event, including weddings and social gatherings with friends. This is similar to a trend-setter that immediately makes even the most unattractive people look like glam dolls. It’s interesting to note that boys and men have also adopted this trend in addition to women! Many rock singers and performers from Hollywood and Bollywood can be seen sporting this look, and they all look great.

However, trend-following’s fundamental goal is to stand out and be seen, not blend in with the crowd without a purpose. This eye makeup ensures that a person wearing it stands out and seems scorching!!

Smoky Appearance with colours

You may get this smoky appearance with bronze, dark black, or other eyeshadow colors. The key is to begin with, a lighter color, proceed to a darker one, then smear the area to give it a smoky appearance.

One such practice that women have followed and accepted for hundreds of years now is the art of cosmetics, and this trend will undoubtedly continue in the years to come. When a lady wears eye makeup, it immediately makes her stand out and look beautiful. Office attire makes you stand out and look great whether you’re attending a wedding, a party, or just a routine day out.

The smeared appearance is one of the hottest trends for rapidly making oneself appear gorgeous and attractive. Women and men of all racial or cultural backgrounds use this style since it complements all skin tones. It is equally elegant and self-assured, whether worn by people with brown, black, or white complexion, and it looks gorgeous.


Smokey eye makeup has been popular for generations and will continue to stand out from other types of makeup for decades.

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