Which Is The Better Down Or Puffer Jacket?

puffer jacket

We’re here to help you spot the differences between the down and puffer jacket so you can handle the cold safely.

What is a down jacket?

Down is a soft plush that catches ducks or geese’s heat and keeps them warm. Down jackets use this natural material for insulation because it is ideal for storing heat. If you are thinking about buying a down jacket, you should study the weight of the down in the coat (for example, 300 grams is warmer than 100 grams). It would be best if you also asked about the jacket’s “fill power” – or the plus of down and its ability to hold air. The fill power is usually between 350 and 900 for ducks or geese. The higher the filling level, the warmer and more expensive the jacket.

As warm as the down jackets are, they can also create a lot of problems. Using it for work will make your coat dirty. After typical wear and tear, the down insulation sets in and loses its lint, causing it to accumulate in lumps. The loss of the heat collector creates cold spots and exposes you to freezing temperatures. Depending on the amount of down used, it can also add bulk and weigh you down, making it harder for you to move around and do your business.

puffer jacket

What is a puffer jacket?

Some down jackets use down, but others use synthetic insulation, which can be lighter than down and still provide the same warmth. The synthetic insulation won’t clump or break as much after washing as down, making it a better work jacket.

Stylistically, a puffer jacket takes its name from the pattern of sewn sections that fills with insulation to give it the “puffy” look. Depending on the insulation’s quality, density, and volume, whether synthetic or not, a down jacket can vary in its “pockets”. Some down jackets can become bulky and restrict your freedom of movement. Think about your mother who packed you too much to go outside to play in winter, and you know what it is like to wear a very “bloated” jacket.

Making the right choice for you

Which jacket suits you? Don’t be fooled by the expensive suitors, who have thin, tearful clams and lumpy insulation. Others focus on style, but their jackets leave you cold and kick you in the back after just one season. Obsessed with warmth, durability and comfort, we then wrap it in a slim jacket.

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