6 Awful Mistakes Men Make When Shaving!


Shaving the beard is an essential thing in a man’s life, yet it often causes some skin problems such as dermatitis, itching, the appearance of pimples, and others, which makes shaving difficult and unpleasant for most men. You always have to be careful when shaving. Choosing the right shaver is like choosing the right supplement. You don’t want to opt for any other brand. You want to go for the best, Dymatize ISO 100.


Here is a list of 6 awful mistakes men make when shaving!

1-Using The Wrong Type Of Razor

Expensive razors make it difficult to buy and buy cheap products from the supermarket instead of investing in a high-quality razor. You may also buy an electric shaving machine from several brands such as Philps, Dingling, or Andis.

Try to buy a razor of good quality. Your skin deserves to be healthy! Because if you buy a poor-quality razor, you will end up with a bad shave.


2-Not Straightening Your Facial Hair First

The usual mistake that men make when shaving is using the razor before the hair is properly smooth.

The best solution is to use warm water instead of cold water with shaving lotion, to open the pores and facilitate the hair removal process, or you can put a hot towel on the chin for a quarter of an hour.

That is why doctors have always advised that the best time to shave the beard is after showering, as the hair is weak and easy to shave.


3-Take Your Time Shaving

It is so hard to cope with everything in the age of speed. You may wake up from sleep, and you are in a hurry, so you might be forced to shave your beard within a minute, which exposes you to many problems, such as dermatitis, because shaving needs to be slow so as not to harm your skin. You might need at least 6 minutes to shave your beard.


4-Shaving In The Other Direction Of The Hair

This mistake is the most common mistake among men, as they shave the hair against the direction of hair growth, but it is supposed to always shave in the same direction as the hair growth to avoid many problems that affect your skin. You will also feel less pain when you shave your hair in the direction of growth.

5-Overusing Your Razor

Some men use their razors for a very long time. But the razor blade is not intended for long-term usage, as most people must replace their blades between 3 to 5 shaves.

Over time the razor will dull faster or slower depending on how thick and coarse your hair is. It is significant to wash your face first with warm water and use appropriate pre-shave products to soften the beard so that the razor works better without much effort.

6-Neglecting Your Routine After Shaving

You are paying attention to the skincare routine after shaving is perhaps the most important routine of all. If you leave your skin without care, it may cause a lot of problems to the skin.

Shaving is a process in which you pull a sharp blade directly onto the skin, leading to difficulties such as redness or rashes, especially for sensitive skin issues.

You need a good routine to take care of your skin health after shaving, such as applying an alcohol-free moisturizing gel directly to the skin, which contains natural substances that kill bacteria and closing the holes.

You can also put on a moisturizing cream after the gel to moisturize higher and protect your skin from weather factors such as dust and dirt when you go out after shaving.