How Do You Dress Up Culottes And Look Great


Are you a fan of culottes? This throwback to the 70s is an exciting trend, although it can be uncomfortable to wear.  Do you doubt how to wear culottes and make them work? Here are some style tips.


Culottes have an unfamiliar shape and are known to give you a totally grumpy or fabulously elegant look. There does not look to be somewhat in between. The latest and most stylish way to implement this trend is to go for a culotte with a flowy look and a reasonably spacious feel on the leg. Think of women’s culottes as a long, wide, wide skirt, but with a modern twist.


Soft folds or creases on the legs are nice, but be careful as they move north to your waist. Too much detail or bulky material in the waist adds weight, which you don’t want if you’re already in your forties. Super pleated panties make you look heavier than you are. These black panties are very slim because they have a flat front, no folds, and no vertical zipper in the middle.

If you are small, try some thinner panties and make sure your panty legs aren’t so long that they overwhelm your legs. Sometimes you can find panties that are precisely careful about smaller, more compact bodies.

Another tip for looking taller and thinner in panties?

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3. Pay attention towards what you are wearing with the Culottes

It can be challenging to know what type of blouse goes with such flashy pants. The first rule to recollect is that the top you choose should have less volume than the culottes. That is the only way to avoid giving the impression that you have no waist and are drowning in the fabric.

To make culottes more sophisticated, pair them with a sleek and sophisticated top like a silky blouse. For athletes, a textured button-down shirt offers a nice contrast between hard and soft lines between the top and bottom halves of your look.

Short sweaters that finish at the waist can work, but only if you have a flat stomach.


When it comes to choosing a shirt or blouse, the most positive thing to do is tuck it inside or inside. That is the best way to highlight the shape of the shorts and create an hourglass shape.

For girls with a small mummy tummy, try a sweater that ends at the top of the waist. – I call it a happy middle ground.

Some women can walk longer, but it isn’t straightforward. If you’re skinny and your sweater is slimmer, not tall, or loose, this might work for you. All you have to do is be careful not to be so complete at the top and so not so wide at the bottom that you look like a big box or even square SpongeBob pants!


The panties stay up to mid-calf; You can make your legs feel heavy. Therefore, it should be combined with heels to lengthen the line of the legs. You can wear anything from heels to strappy heels to sexy booties. Even an adorable (and comfy!) Pair of kitten low heels fits the bill perfectly. The smallest lift works wonderfully at lengthening your legs and making you look taller and slimmer.

Also, don’t forget that the culottes show off the ankles and feet. So have fun and a little wild with your shoes.

For your bag, select one with clean lines and a heavily textured shape to contrast your flowing culottes in a very stylish way.

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