Women Loafers And Fashion Ideas:


Penny loafers are no longer just for backpacking students in uniform. The reinvention of Classic loafers takes place. Before we dive into how women wear loafers today, however, it is worth learning a little about their history and longevity as a popular shoe over the years.

Loafers history

The name loafer itself mainly refers to a toe-free slip-on shoe. Slip-on shoes have been around for centuries. Short loafers were made in the 20th century when students traveling to Scandinavia saw fishers wearing a simple style of loafers made as a moccasin. The style returns to North America.

G.H. Bass founded a company of their name in 1876, and in 1936 they were the first to market the ‘Weejun’ style of loafers to the masses. Later the brand they name. They added a ribbon that runs horizontally across the loafer vamp to add elegance. That leads us to Penny Loafer!

Penny loafers got their name as early as the 20th century when mothers looked for a comfortable place to keep their kid’s extra loot when they needed to make calls. Believe it or not, phone calls will only cost a cent!

As history would show, the different styles of women’s low shoes likely evolved from the popularity of a similar shoe: oxford.

The increase in popularity

As Nancy Macdonell pointed out in her article on what she calls “Fashion’s Favorite Home,” Nancy described loafers as “the best choice for non-employed M.B.A.s” and added, “Loafers have a clear lack of obvious flair.”

Seems a bit tough for an innocent shoe shape that has stood the test of time, right? Well, maybe not. Maybe it’s just these qualities that make the slipper the beloved shoe it is. But also Jean Touitou, the founder of A.P.C., claims that loafers are one of the most challenging shoes to get right. Still, so many continue to include loafers as an essential part of their versatile wardrobe. They are no longer just for those who wear Tods or Ralph Lauren logos. Whether you follow trends or go your own way when it comes to fashion choices, loafers seem like an outfit that has stood the test of time.

Fortunately, thanks to the many loafers available, you can easily find a pair that suits your style. But when you shop, We have the guide that guides you through the shopping process and inspires you on how to design a popular and comfortable shoe.

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Shopping for loafers

Loafers are and never have been “sexy” shoes. Shoes that look sexy, such as B. High heels, are famous for both business styles and girl night out attire. However, loafers are gaining popularity with both parties and those looking for a comfortable shoe.

When looking for the right pair of loafers, you may choose among pilgrim-inspired styles, suede platform loafers, handmade leather loafers, and much more. Fortunately, the price range varies about as much as the styles. So no issue your budget. There is a great occasion that you will find the right pair for you. Remember, you don’t have to settle down. So keep an eye up until you find the ideal pair or three for you.

How to style women’s loafers

It can get a little tricky here. Unlike other shoes, loafers are a bit “picky,” if you will. Instead, the key to shaping your shoes is choosing the right outfit and then finishing it with your favorite loafers. With that said, let’s go through the different ways you can design loafers.

Simple street style

The easiest way to design loafers is to pair them with your favorite street style outfit. Go ahead and feed your inward James Dean for this style. Do not know who James Dean is? Think retro rock and roll style. Please put on your favorite skinny jeans in dark colors, put on a simple white t-shirt, combine it with a leather jacket, and complement the outfit with a pair of patent leather shoes. Seems simple enough, right? Not to mention comfortable!

Swap jeans for vinyl leggings, and instead of a t-shirt and jacket, wear a patterned but straightforward t-shirt with a pronounced coat for a more angular street style.

Office style

it is a friendlier way to wear your favorite shoes. It is essential to respect the dress code. That said, you can still mark your style and dare to be bold. An excellent way to welcome a nice pair of moccasins is to use a knee-length skirt. Pair the skirt with a crew neck sweater and matching loafers, and you’ve got a complete outfit ready to impress!

You can also pair a black skirt with a simple top or blouse and then add a bold coat before finishing the outfit with patent loafers. If you are facing colder weather, try wearing loafers with a skirt and black tights or tights. You can even slip on your favorite pair of loafers to wear with a pleated maxi skirt. Pair skiing with a relaxed top for a balanced silhouette, and you’re good to go.

Preppy style

If you have khaki pants or a khaki skirt, you can pair it with a jacket and a button-up shirt. Think about the kind of clothing you would see at a country club or polo match. There will surely be a lot of moccasins on your feet during these events! A smart outfit is a great way to bring out your inner tomboy while dressing easily and fashionably. Another great way to wear moccasins is a shirt dress with a belt. You can finish the whole outfit with an oversized hat.


Do not be scared to think outside the box for a super fat look. You can be bold by wearing black from head to toe. Or you can find a pair of super wide pants and pair them with moccasins from animals. You can also wear your favorite pair of cotton pants and an oversized T-shirt for a more elegant look.

How to wear loafers for women: socks or no socks?

Socks or not seem to be a big debate among those who wear moccasins, those who shape them, and those who have a general interest in fashion. The majority of people tend to wear moccasins without socks, but there seem to be some acceptable exceptions. Even if it is not socks, for example, it is perfect if you want a pair of black tights or tights with your loafers. You will not get a sideways look with this mating.

Otherwise, if you are determined to wear socks, follow two rules. First, only wear socks if you are wearing pants. This way, the socks do not protrude like a sore thumb. Second, wear no-show socks to cut down on the ankle and avoid being seen. You will be able to appreciate the comfort of socks without risking a possible fashion faux pas.

In summary

If you haven’t already devoted the time and money trying to find a good couple, now is a perfect time. Once you’ve discovered the perfect pair of loafers for yourself, venture out and try different ways to combine clothes you already have. Get out there and start a trend. Be brave, confident and swing these loafers.

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